Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love is Blue

Hello my friends: I want to see if anyone has as long a musical memory as I do. My blue flowers (crazies), blue blog background (nice tongue twister) and Blue Book made a certain song pop into my head a minute ago, I haven't heard of or thought of this song in _______ years! 

Do you remember this song?

BTW - For an instrumental song it was an amazing feat I think to top the charts for 5 weeks in l968!


  1. I have this song on my play list!!! Love it :)
    I heard it on the radio one day about 5 or 6 years ago and then bought the cd.

  2. Jane, I had to run outside and see if my Siberian squill have started to open yet to compare. One measly bud has begun to unfold (it's cold and raining here right now) but it sure looks an awful lot like your mother's crazies. These bulbs apparently self seed and spread which might account for the 'crazy' part? Also partly why I planted them, couldn't afford lots of bulbs so something that seeded itself was big on my list.

  3. I remember this song! Never knew the name of it! :)!

  4. No dont remember it! I do like polar bears though :)

  5. thanks Marguerite for IDing my crazies! I didn't realize they were so hardy (have read up on them a little now) and thrive north of the arctic circle. I love them!

  6. Miss Jane, get with it!
    I hear this piece almost daily. I listen to this station on-line. You should too.
    And Your Welcome!

  7. Hey Mark: I tried that station and got a message about bandwidth currently at max and to try again later which I will - merci!

  8. Oh yes, and Mark? Michael (my wise man) is thinking about your offer :)

  9. Wait! What's my offer again??? I forget. I was probably drunk when I made it. m.


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