Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap - April 15/2011

A Healthy Wrap!
This week's wrap is brought to you by the good folks over at Eatin' Healthy! and is based on the Mediterranean diet (which is a way of life, NOT a DIET!)

Let's look at the numbers shall we?

Numbers are are a bit down in savings and debt from their usual monthly amounts because of purchasing a painting this month and paying my annual trailer fee. Oh well, that's life and the TRAILER is a HUGE part of my life!! And so is having my brother's original oil paintings on my walls:) 

Entertainment is up a bit too due to having a couple of restaurant dinners. I used a $50.00 coupon to help defray the cost of one of them however, so not as bad as it would have been. 

Transportation is up a bit due to an oil change and air filter change and also the rising cost of gas. Trying to conserve by not driving around the city as much but that's difficult to do with three adults having to go hither, thither and yon everyday. Stupid barrels of oil and our dependency on them!!

I'm looking at my food total and know that can't be correct as I've started using the last two week's of grocery money already - that number should be around the $225 mark so will have to check my receipts, guess I missed one. I think we're doing REALLY WELL with our food budget bringing it down from $500 per month to $400 per month.

So what did I spend $120 on in my Misc budget line? Ummmmm, oh yeah, I renewed my computer virus protection plan ($56), some Timmy's coffees and a lunch, paid for Turbotax ($38.40-2 returns), one iTunes song ($1.29) and a couple of newspapers.  Some exciting life I lead huh?

I have about $100 left for Misc spending til the end of the month. I think I can make it. Hopefully I won't have quite as many extra expenses next month other than renewing my car's license sticker ($74), an annual expense.

How's your budget doing?  Are you on track??


Niki said...

Lookin' good. We had some expensive stuff this month with both my girls starting softball. We did lower some expenses by buying some stuff second hand, but it still adds up quick.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting on track - this paycheck's budget was messed up by paying for being off-budget earlier in the month. I want to be back on board for May and stay that way. i got really lazy about actually making a budget..bought a new digital camera that I've managed to lose already..dunno where it is! haven't used it either ..its' smaller than my other one (couldnt' find the charger and new camera was 80 vs 40 for a new charger and i wanted a smaller lighter one to carry around but darn it hard to keep track of!
need to pull out my dave ramsey stuff for motivation.already been reading frugal blogs - thanks for all the links!


Middle Way said...

Hi Jane;

Love your photos and the current one on your header of Goderich. I sat on that swing many years ago.

Jane said...

Hi Middle Way! it's so cool you recognize...not recognize...but have been where I took that photo! We love visiting Goderich - so pretty!

Marguerite said...

Jane, I laughed when you say 'some life I lead'. Hubby often makes fun of us as we rarely go out and he can't believe I've only left the island once in two years. But really my life is so full I haven't got time to go anywhere else. That's as it should be I think.

Sharon said...

You are doing awesome. I just posted about my I won't reiterate it here, but suffice it to needs work!