Saturday, April 9, 2011

O U T S I D E ! ! ! ! !

This is me on my bike. This is NOT me on my bike today, however, this was last fall in Bayfield. We have bikes in both Bayfield and London and will buy a couple in PEI this summer. It's my favourite mode of transportation. Notice the camera in my hand - it is never very far from reach. Except today. Today we had our FIRST OUTDOOR BIKE RIDE OF THE SEASON and I left my camera in my purse at home :(  Notice me squinting intently - today I wore my prescription sunglasses and was not seen squinting even once! 

So I didn't take any photos today (except more photos of the winning bunch of snowdrops this morning - are ya tired of my snowdrops yet, c'mon, you can be honest) but I did see some marvellous things on our bike ride to Victoria Park and back. First of all my legs felt really strong from pedalling over 900kms since January 1st so I was happy about that! There were a ton of "long-haired freaky people" hanging out in the park pounding on bongos, playing guitars, walking their rabbits, yes rabbits, on leashes, throwing frisbees, riding their skate boards and trick bikes, strolling hand in hand, sleeping on benches, juggling, singing, throwing a football and generally having an awesome time in the 14c weather and sunshine.

A simply glorious day. 

Tomorrow we are up early, having breakfast at Johnny's, then driving to the trailer. We would have gone tonight but Michael is working and we're not actually supposed to stay overnight til the park officially opens on April 20th though we have gotten away with it in the past. Once there we'll likely have another bike ride, walk on the beach, lay in the sun and read a book. 

Sounds like paradise.  How is your weekend shaping up??


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!! I hope this gorgeous weather is here to stay and not just teasing us.

    900 km huh?? Impressive!!

    Enjoy the trailer tomorrow! I'm going to spend my only day off doing a lot of puttering around the house... and if it's REALLY nice, I might see about taking the patio furniture out of hiding :-)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!!!!!


  3. The sun makes me so happy.
    Sounds like a great day.

  4. I'm not tired of the snowdrops yet! wish I could be energetic like you and ride bikes and stuff...I'm just not made that way!
    not a frugal or healthy weekend for me - been eating out and yes slap my hand. I've determined that it's not eating at home that bothers me - it's eating alone. of course I'm alone at the restaurant but still others are around. I think I'm lonely :-( I used to love being by myself but now not so much. blech!
    may get back to working on this quilt..


  5. Isn't the sunshine glorious? I saw two bicyclists today a sign of things to come!

  6. LOVE IT! isn't it amazing what the sun does for us?!?!

  7. It as been gorgeous outside! I've been out a lot with my girls... I just love warmth!! lol!

  8. It sounded like an amazing day!! But I still would have like to have seen a few pictures of someone walking their bunny. Hmmmm, sounds like code for something.

  9. meeting "freaky people" is one of my favorite parts of traveling! fun post...look forward to seeing more of your blog!


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