Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh Please Lord, Don't Take Spring Away!!

Oh please Lord, don't take spring away. So many times in the past month
we've been led to believe that spring has arrived only to see another
few inches of snow on the car when we get up in the morning.
I promise I'll be good.
I would miss so many things if spring went away,
like the sound of children's voices screaming and laughing while
they play outside.  I snapped the two boys above in Goderich yesterday -
they were enjoying a little rock-climbing complete with yelling
"I'm the king of the castle, you're the dirty rascal"
at the top of their lungs.
They really made me smile.

I would really miss the opportunity to explore new trails and feel the
wind and sunshine on my face and body. I started out with a tank top, sweatshirt and rain jacket yesterday but peeled off the layers one by one,
even ending up with a little color on my arms and face by the end of the day. I snapped this photo while having a snack perched way way above the Goderich harbour. Happily a ship was docked waiting to get its load of salt from the local saltmines.  The yachts and sailboats are still wrapped up in white plastic at the marina but it won't be long until they fill the lake with their glorious colours and graceful sails.

This place has something to do with the salt mining, evaporation and loading of the salt to both ships and railway cars but I don't know exactly what. I'm just amazed at how it seems to float, weightless, on Lake Huron. I would love to understand the feat of engineering needed to make this little miracle happen. But that's just me and my overactive little mind :)

I would be really really sad if the clumps of daffodils, almost ready to burst open at the seams, were suddenly covered in yet another foot of snow.
Would they survive?  I would miss their cheerful yellow faces.

Personally I wouldn't miss fishing, as I don't fish, but I would miss the opportunity of snapping photos of other people enjoying this pursuit such as this young dad with his two active daughters.
Their giggles filled the air with glee!

The fearless crocus is blooming in full glory - surely they've waited long enough. My eyes haven't yet tired of drinking in their beautiful colours and I surely don't want to look at the colours of snow in all of it's yucky variants - yellow, brown and grey - blecch!

I don't know what these little flowers are called but aren't they a brilliant sight for sore eyes?

And who wouldn't miss hopping in a boxcar and visiting some new spots a little further on down the line?
Hah! Just kidding...only a little. I do get the itch for a nice, long road trip when the weather warms up! 

I call this:
"Goose with Ginormous Anchor"

I call this - the first BBQ of the season!!
Please don't bury the BBQ under the snow again....please?
Oh yes, and thanks for a wonderful dinner Michael!

Ooooooo my mouth is watering! I wonder if there are any leftovers???  Think I'll go check - see ya later!!

What would you miss most about spring??


  1. nice pics! I especially like the food pics LOL! I haven't had spring either except for a few times but no snow either...just hot one day and cold the next or sometimes the same day. I have to confess I've had my a/c on for a few weeks now..humidity is awful an I'm already ready for fall because summer is so brutal here!


  2. Ooh how I have missed your entertaining posts and upbeat humour.
    What beautiful photos the lowly little Crocus is my favourite.

  3. Your photos are beautiful. Crocus flowers are the first sure sign of spring and daffodils are so beautiful. Just once I'd love to find one that tastes a little lemony and you can drink nectar from - Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Garden!

    WE have one little freeze left to come I think - though it won't last more than a few nightly hours.

  4. What beautiful pictures!!! We also had our first bbq of the season today(well the kids, my mom and dh did I was at work).

    HMMM I would love to jump on that boxcar for a little adventure though


  5. Yes, spring stay!
    Winter, winter stay away!

    I love your pictures, you have so much fun.

  6. Such pretty pictures and entertaining narration too! A ride in a boxcar does sound like a fun adventure, it would be fun to see where you would end up. I hope the great weather continues for you and that Spring is here to stay.

  7. love the pics!!!

    what would I miss??? the SUN!!

  8. I just packed up the winter coats/gloves/hats/scarves last week. I refuse to bring them out again. Even if it does snow some more. I just can't stand it!

  9. We had our first BBQ this weekend too! Wonderful to pull that out of the garage and enjoy hamburgers again.

  10. LOVE THIS POST!!! Jane, I love that you find the beauty in the little things. I'm going to have to start taking more pictures!

  11. ooh, my, that chicken does look mouth-watering good! hats off to Michael!

  12. Welcome Dmarie!! Thank you for visiting my blog - I love it when I see a new name! I'll be over to visit you real soon:)

  13. The quintessential shot of the man standing in front of the BBQ ... love it!

    The thing I'd miss most about spring is the first chorus of froggies singing from the ponds!


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