Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tonight's the Night!!

If the above scientific diagram is accurate, and who am I to argue with science, then I'm still a teenager...bwahahahahahahaha!!

The big news tonight is I've just passed the halfway point in my cycling trek to Alberton, PEI.  That's right - I've cycled 962km since January 1st leaving a mere 940km left to go. And I feel pretty darn good!  Perhaps not quite as fit as when I was 18 but pretty close. 

Michael and I have recently embarked on a "healthful journey" by increasing the numbers of organic "superfoods" in our diet and eliminating almost all processed foods. More on that soon. I will say this much: our vocabulary now includes the words "chia seeds" and "quinoa".  


  1. Congratulations on your pedaling adventure! And I can't wait too hear more about your healthy eating.

  2. I love quinoa! And you are amazing. I can't wait to hear how the healthy food transition goes. I say all the time that I would love to give that a try. But alas, in some areas of my life I'm all talk!

  3. Wow you put me to shame! Looking forward to hearing about your 'natural' diet :)

  4. Before you know it you will be in PEI. Bravo, Jane!! Bet you and Michael are so excited about the summer in Prince Edward Island.
    You will love going to the farmers markets here and if you want to join a veggie box progrm (organic) I can send you the info. And only $25.00!! They are staring a meat box next month for $50.00. Pick up is weekly during the summer months in Summerside on Tuesdays and in Kensington on Fridays.
    It's Wednesday.... take care
    Island hugs,

  5. Love the pic!! hehe...

    Awesome for you!!!! :)

  6. Yeah, it's all fun and games now. But just wait until you turn 20! It's all down hill from there.
    Your Friend, m.

  7. Kudos on your distance! That's awesome. You'll be there in no time.

    I love the diagram-where do you find these things? :)

  8. That is so great!! Congratulations!!


  9. congratulations! that's a huge distance, I'm very impressed.

  10. quinoa is on my list to try - I just tried couscous for the first time a few months ago! tried the whole wheat - pretty good but it rolls around a lot!


  11. Way to go! You must feel so good. That's awesome :)

  12. I was reading this as I was eating two blueberry pancakes with syrup and two slices of bacon. Hmmmm. I'm not feeling very healthy compared to you!
    Great job on the biking! And I LOVE the picture!

  13. Susanna - "rolls around a lot" lol! Try the quinoa, it's a grain instead of a pasta and it cooks up quickly and you can add it to anything.
    Sharon - sounds yummy!
    Kendra - I posted a reply to your comment yesterday but don't see it, wonder where it went? But anyways I would definitely be interested in the veggie box and perhaps the meat as we will be cooking just on our BBQ


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