Saturday, April 9, 2011


Mmmmmmmmmm the food was soooo yummy in my tummy last night at Saffrons. This restaurant is run by staff and students (Shawn - you were a great server!!) of the Tourism & Hospitality program at Fanshawe College and is about to shut down for the season. One of my friends works there and she organized the dinner for us - thanks Troy!

I didn't overdo it too much (and I have some swampland in Florida to sell you) and I tried to make healthy choices. Michael and I started off by splitting the Greens - a mixture of organic greens, toasted hazelnuts, orange, sunflower seeds, fried quebec brie, clovermead bea pollen and honey vinaigrette - it tasted as good as it sounds. 

My main course was "melt in my mouth" salmon with rapini and dill fingerling potatoes and since it was a smallish portion (how about a couple acres of the Sahara desert...going cheap!) so I had to have dessert and I chose the apple pie with chai flavoured icecream (very spicy & unusual) but mm mm good!

It was wonderful getting together with old friends again - we were SO LOUD and boisterous but fortunately didn't drive away the other diners (we have cleared out many a restaurant in our time).  Michael's and my bill came to $81.25 which was quite reasonable considering we also had a couple of cocktails and an Irish coffee each!

In other news my refund cheque of $1521.00 arrived today. I'm not too excited about it this year as now I will write a cheque for $1740.00 to pay for my trailer lot fee. Nothing extra for savings or debt payment or shopping this year. And this will be my last refund cheque of this size. I have stopped adding to my RSP and I will get no more tuition credits from my daughter plus I have reduced my charitable givings to make up for shortages in other areas. I will explain more about my RSP decision in another post. 

Happy weekend everyone! The sun is shining and it's mild out so I've got to get moving! We are going to visit our trailer this weekend - yahoo!


The Borrower said...

Sounds like a great dinner last night and great day today! Equates to a FABULOUS life! Who cares about the refunds, life is good.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely night out, Jane!!! Enjoy your weekend at the trailer. Will be be sleeping over?
Island hugs,

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Beautiful snowdrops!!! It sounds like you had a great time at Saffrons! Enjoy your weekend at the trailer :)

Anonymous said...

sounds yummy! eating out definitely adds up esp with drinks but sometimes it's just totally worth it!
I'm interested in some future posts about the retirement savings and charitable giving decisions! I'm still halfway working on my priorities as well esp since one obviously wasn't a big enough priority(paying off car loan) to make it happen (though I still have 2 1/2 months...)
Is Bayfield like a resort trailer park? It sounds like a nice relaxing place - is it where a lot of people go to get away from the city?