Tuesday, November 22, 2016

WIFI x Two

Apparently you have to get the internet technician in the house TWICE before things are truly fixed. Luckily he was still parked outside filling in paperwork when I tried connecting my laptop and got the message about there being NO INTERNET!! The second time he came in he discovered a "bad splitter" and also rerouted directly to the modem (which has wifi capability unbeknownst to me!) so we no longer have to use our old router which also speeded things up. He also gave us a 2nd 5G wifi connection so if the first one is slow it automatically connects to the 2nd one - this is handy at peak times of the day.

Don't know what he did the first time he came in!! Played with the cats?

Anyhoo... I'm enjoying actually having High-Speed internet once again. I've been zipping all over the place :)

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Kazi will be visiting her boyfriend in Detroit and enjoying a 2nd big Thanksgiving dinner (we had ours in October) and lots of football games no doubt. She is considering a new car purchase which is very exciting. I gave her my Cobalt when I bought Dougie the Dodge going on 5 years ago. Stella, the Cobalt, has done well over the years but has had her day.

The interesting part (to me) is her new car costs 10X what I paid for my first new car back in 1977! Wow. And here I am considering going without a vehicle altogether! Different generations.

This was my first new car - a 1977 Datsun F10 Hatchback in gold :) Absolutely loved it!!

*More about my car-free options in my next post.

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