Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moving on...

Last night I got together with some of my friends and fellow members of The Council of Canadians to watch the election results, never thinking in a 1,000 years the result would be what it is. Did not see that coming!

Not much I can do about that so...moving on...I'll be joining with Oneida/Nation persons as a settler/ally in a 3 hour walk this afternoon to support the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, N. Dakota. 

And then tonight I'll be attending a talk given by my brother about the role of Canadian Combined Operations during WW11. Our father was in the naval branch of combined operations which also included the army and the airforce. He helped bring supplies to shore under intense bombing so that the army could do their job. The airforce engaged enemy planes and war ships so that our dad, and many like him, could "safely" bring supplies on shore using LSTs (Landing Ship Tanks).

What do you consider worth fighting for? Freedom of speech, equal rights, water? Even peaceful protest can achieve results. And without civil disobedience huge steps forward in human rights issues would never happen.

While I can't change an election, nor would I want to as the results reflect how the population is feeling, and thus, is valid and important. I don't support Trump or his values but I do support his right to run and I respect that he is the peoples' choice.  Oops, I got back to the election. It is the hot topic right now.

However, my point is if there is something you feel passionate about, an issue, a policy, then act in some way, however small. That is our civil duty and does not have to be a violent reaction. Gandhi could sway people with his words, so could M.L. King.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone is having a good day regardless if you are Republican or Democrat, or Liberal, Conservative or New Democrat. We, all of us, have the right to stand up and be heard. What do you want to say?

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