Monday, November 21, 2016

Got the Jitters

Grrrrr! Over the past couple of months I imagined that our wifi was slowing down.  I would unplug the modem, unplug the router etc and things would get a little bit better, or not! I tried calling my provider today but my phone couldn't connect either. No Netflix, no nothing on phone, i-Pad or i-Phone. HELP!!!

I went out for lunch with a friend and when I got home I was able to connect my laptop and my phone connected to the wifi also so I made a phone call and hurrah, got through. My daughter's boyfriend won't even use the internet when he's here as he finds it too slow - he gets irritated by that.

Being older, and having had experience using a telephone party line as a youngster SLOW internet is still FAST to me. But NO wifi is impossible to live with so a technician will be here in the morning. The fellow I was talking to was speaking in tongues - jitter, latency blah blah blah. Just make it work! And make it FAST!

*Yes, I know I don't need wifi to make a phonecall but the last two months I've received a message on my phone that the data is all used up. That's because the phone has not been able to connect to wifi at home so it's roaming around or something. All I know is it's increased my cell phone bill and that is not acceptable!

I wonder if I'll be able to type faster??

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