Monday, November 7, 2016

60 is the new 40!!

Yesterday (Saturday actually - I wrote this post Sunday but didn't upload my photos til now) I was feeling very blessed.  I come from a wee village of about 1800 souls and had occasion to visit. This year my high school friends and I are all turning 60. Wow. Although we are all far flung these days many of us have remained close. A small few still live in the village. Not me.
Truly BFF''s 
We are all turning 60 this year!

We decided (having already lost one of our number to cancer) that we should get together and celebrate our joint landmark birthday. Over the years we have had various get-togethers - you might remember me organizing a weekend here in London for everyone in 2015. I'm not sure why we are so close, but we are. And we treasure the friendship.
My friend Sharon and her grandson Cameron. Sharon and I
go back 55 years!
It was quite remarkable yesterday that two old friends came who have never attended any of our past events so I hadn't seen them for over 40 years! They've been invited but just couldn't make it until yesterday. Another of my nearest and dearest I hadn't seen since my father's memorial service. She hasn't changed a bit!
Lots of catching up, lots of reminiscing.
Of the two newbies one remembered my name right off and the other needed a clue. So I told her "we used to play together when we were in elementary school - we'd take a bunch of blankets and clothes pins and make tents underneath a tree..."..."JANE", she yelled and gave me a big hug.
Tall Cornelius joined us for the first time. And "cool" kid, Arlene,
front row far left.
She didn't remember me at first because once we reached the age of 11 or 12 we didn't hang out anymore as she joined the "cool kids" group and I didn't. Didn't want to even though I was "vetted" in Gr. 8.  No, I stayed with my less-cool but more fun and wholesome friends and have never regretted it. While the cool kids smoked and drank and all had long straight hair, wore makeup and had constant tans my less cool friends and I went to hockey games, went roller skating, played road hockey and softball, got together to make cookies and homemade pizza, had great school spirit and supported each other through thick and thin.

Perhaps the best moment was when she stared at me and said "you look fantastic!" I thought, but didn't say "that's what good living will do for you!"

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