Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Exercise Regime

I like that word - "regime"; it makes my attempts to be physically fit seem more intensive and important than they really are. So far my regime includes playing volleyball for 2 hours 3 times a week. I've joined - now don't laugh! - the Huffn'Puff sports/activities club for those 55 and older! For a mere $70 a year I can play tennis, badminton, softball, darts, learn clogging, go swimming etc etc etc. There's something for everyone and for me it's volleyball. The first day I went I anticipated a bunch of feeble, white-haired 80 year olds limply tapping the ball into the net. I couldn't have been more wrong! While there was plenty of white hair these folks are in it to win it! Holy crap! There was spiking and over hand serves sizzling over the net! And lots of good-natured teasing - I am loving it!

The days I don't play v-ball I am attempting to get out for a good walk/hike. Today I timed it just right and arrived home just as a hard rain arrived. There's veggie chilli in the crockpot and nice soft olive ciabatta buns to go with it. A good day.

At first I noticed there wasn't a lot of colour in the woods today - but then as I looked more closely I found there is still some vibrant colour and beauty, even in November.

No one can sneak up on me today - the crispy crunchy leaves will give them away! (I also carry a heavy stick in case of attack!)

Lots of leaves down but still more hanging on in the trees.

Someone has been a busy beaver!

I'm all keyed up!

I saw the devil in this twisted limb - should I be worried?

 I much prefer the woods in the spring when there is so much to look forward to. However, today the stillness, although a bit grey, was very serene, very calm. A gradual settling down of birds and ducks, trees and bushes, preparing for the cold days ahead.

This large fungus projected out from a tree over my head like a streetlight.

And look at the brightness of these flowers - I guess no one told them summer was over!

Still some bursts of bight yellow here and there.

This short segment of the trail winds behind some houses whose occupants have imposed a little civility on the nearby forest.

An angel playing the ever popular wind chimes harp.

A bit of colour.

Milk pod explosion!

While not overly colourful, the shapes of nature in autumn have their own fragile beauty.

A spanish dancer :)

Berries for the winter birds.

Quiet trails.

I briefly saw a white-tailed buck - he had an impressive set of antlers but mostly showed me his white tail bobbing along a trail. I tried to catch up but lost him in a thicket. He never made a sound.

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