Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Many Faces of Ireland - A Journey in Selfies

Squinty eyes
in Dublin

Imagining being locked into the library at Trinity College!

On Ha'penny Bridge
still looking somewhat normal...

Relaxed on the ferry. 

And we are picking up speed!  Hold on Annie!

Have reached the island of Inishmore and the sun is shining!

Trying to capture the cliffs behind us...

We are focussing hard on getting the cliffs in the shot!

Forcing ourselves to smile on THE WET DAY!!

Looking for Annie behind me - can you see her?

 Shopping for a disguise?
(these photos are not in chronological order!)

Taking advantage of all the mirrors in the castle.

Hey, we've got this "selfie" thing down pat! 

...or do we? On the move...

...I may not be smiling if that dark cloud catches up to us!

HAHAHAHA - can't catch me!

My nose is getting redder and redder! 

Checking on Annie...

 At the top of the mountain pass - it's a wee bit colder up here, but sunny.
Time for lunch with St. Patrick.

Trying to show the mountains...

 Eek! The clouds are getting very dark and I feel like
I'm being watched!'s Annie!

 On the road again..., a rather wet road.

Oh look, more mountains and rocks!

I have another head on my shoulder!!

We'll get the hang of this thing yet!  Beautiful Killary Harbour
in the background and
I got half of Annie at least!

Oh there, that's better! 

One of my all time favourites!

We lurve the strong and dependable Yellow Man Walking!

He never led us astray though there were a few moments
in the bog where he was kinda hiding.
Thank you Yellow Man.

Back to civilization!

NEW sweater! Gorgeous!

Feeling kinda smug at Blarney Castle

 She did it she did it!
Annie kissed the Blarney Stone!

 I like it here.... much!

Wow, in a tank top in Leenane!
And I have "hat hair"!

Checking myself out in yet another mirror!
(in Dublin)

Wishing we could get into jail!! 
But the tours were booked up for hours.

I look drunk!  Hiccup. 

Having a great time out on the road in the sunshine :)

Rain is threatening behind me. It didn't catch us.

Enjoying the lovely lane, lovely sunshine - 
what more could you want?

 The tide is in. What an absolutely amazing view as I stand
on the little balcony of our hotel room, feeling happy.

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