Friday, November 4, 2016

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once upon a time there were three balls of wool.
The first one was a beautiful grey with a bit of a sheen to it.
Instead of being one thickness it changed from thin to thick throughout the ball.
Goldilocks thought it would make a nice warm headband for winter. She decided NOT
to use the recommended crochet hook size and chose her favourite hook instead.
She followed the instructions but found it wasn't nearly long enough to fit around
her head and the variety of wool thickness created a somewhat frilly edge.
So Goldilocks set that bowl ball aside.

So then Goldilocks decided to try a second bowl ball of yarn that was a 
consistently thick grey/black wool with a bigger 
hook she randomly chose.
The wool was a bit tricky to use and it took a lot of wool to
make one row.  And she wasn't always sure she was poking the hook
into the right space due to the colours of the wool.  This would make a very
chunky headband and no doubt it would be thick and warm.  But not very 
attractive. Even though she counted the stitches very carefully the resulting band
was way too long to wrap around her head.

Finally Goldilocks decided to check the instructions to see what weight of wool
and what size of hook she was really supposed to use for her 
headband project. (It was getting mighty cold in the forest and the three bears
didn't have a furnace as they always hibernated through winter.)
Of course that meant a trip to the craft store because she didn't have either the 
right weight wool or the suggested hook (even though she had a TON of
hooks she didn't have the one she needed!)

So even though Goldilocks had tried to save herself a trip to the 
craft store she ended up wasting a lot more time by thinking
she could "wing it" instead of reading and following the
Stupid Goldilocks.

It remains to be seen if Goldilocks managed to crochet a headband of the
correct size or whether she ended up losing her ears to frostbite. 

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