Monday, November 14, 2016

I Wanna do it ALL!

There are so many things I want to do and and so many places I want to see!

Such as...

  • I'd like to add a couple more trips to my annual quota; like one big and two small...
  • I will need to replace Dougie the Dodge eventually
  • There are still a lot of things to get done around the house (redecorating)
  • I need new living room furniture - I have a sofa that I purchased when I bought this house...22 years ago!! and a love seat that was my mother's (she passed away 16 years ago and I think she had it for at least 10 years) 
I guess that's about it. Nothing much is getting done these days as I want my savings to hit that "magic number". Which is really silly when you get right down to it because I worked so hard to save that money "for retirement" so why am I just letting it sit there? 

My best guess is that I've been saving and NOT spending for so many years now that it's really really hard to SPEND! That and I'm cautious by nature. 

I want to replace my antique sofa and love seat with something like this:
*NOT that ugly carpet though...
I want to go here...

and here...

...and Wales, Scotland, Newfoundland, and many many more places.  Egypt, Peru, San Francisco, Paris, Norway, Sweden...

I need to make some plans! 

Firstly, I have found a place that will pick up furniture donations...I'll call them tomorrow!

Do you find it hard to part with your hard saved cash??


  1. I tell my kids that I will spend all my money before I die. They just laugh and say they aren't worried because I never spend money. It's true - but not because I am worried about spending it but rather because I have simple tastes and never want anything. I am happy with my simple life on Prince Edward Island and have no real desire to leave.

  2. I fear that I'll have trouble in retirement actually spending money. Im a natural saver and have pretty simple tastes and desire to de-clutter. I guess I'll see how I do in 2.5 years. This post resonated with me.


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