Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weird Weather....or is it?

Oh boy, we've got 90km+ winds howling around the house (outside), snow coming in horizontally (again outside), and a flash freeze warning (yes, you've got it)! What the heck? What's going on out there - winter?? In January?? Is this some kind of sick joke? Why...just 2 days ago I was walking through the woods, tralalalala-ing along, smiling at the robins and the buds on the trees!! 

Wait a minute - buds on the January?? Now that's a sick joke! I'm sorry Mother Nature, for offending you so deeply, for injuring you so terribly, please let us make it up to you! Daffodils and tulips shouldn't be poking up through the earth in is really the first truly wintry day we've had in almost a year! Now that's scary!

I tried to capture the wind in the picture below but of course one can't with a still photo. But rest assured those trees are whipping around and I'm just waiting for the maple tree to crash through my patio doors! Hang on kitties - it's gonna be a wild one!

Truth be told (and if I don't tell the truth here where can I?) I'm enjoying the wind, the howling, the snow, the cold (keep it outside - please!). I'm warm and cozy inside, nowhere I have to go, my loved ones are snuggled close (except Kazi who is watching TV downstairs with the electric fireplace pushing my hydro bill up up up), supper is planned, I'm reading a fantastic book ("Fall on Your Knees" by Anne-Marie MacDonald - takes place on Cape Breton Island and will make your dysfunctional family look like the Brady Bunch!), and now I'm going to make hot chocolate - I finally have an excuse!

Bon hiver!

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