Saturday, January 23, 2016

Weird and Wonderful Kitties - Heavy Photo Post Warning!

I love all the weird little idiosyncrasies Luna and Lily have. They are sisters but look quite different and act way differently from each other.

One dark, one light, one big, one small, one that runs
like a hippo, one that runs like a cheetah!

First of all, Luna has chosen Kazi as her human and Lily has chosen me.  When we settle downstairs in front of the TV for a couple of hours Lily always snoozes on my lap while Luna lounges luxuriously in the prone position alongside Kazi. Luna and Kazi are both couch potatoes with a capital P.
When Lily finally stops for a nap she is out cold!

Luna LOVES naps!
Luna loves to be covered up. Because Kazi closes her bedroom door at night and I don't I am frequently visited by both cats. Luna noses her way under the covers and Lily tucks up behind my legs. Very cozy to say the least! Luna has the most luxuriant fur and is larger and heavier than Lily. Lily loves chicken, turkey, cheese and icecream whereas Luna only eats her cat food. They each have their favourite toys - Lily loves her furry little mice that she tosses up in the air and tucks away under the china cabinet or electric fire/TV stand. It's a little ritual every few days to get down on my hands and knees to gather them up for her to hide once again. I get the flashlight and Lily kneels down beside me peering under the furniture. Luna's choice of toy is a piece of Christmas ribbon which I often have to hunt for and a stick with a bell and dangly ribbony things which I have to throw 100 times a day.  She runs off to get it and then brings it to me to throw again.
Luna bringing me her favourite toy!

Any door that's open they're in. Wherever I go in
the house they are there, whatever I am doing
they want to help!

I wonder if Lily misses last summer's Heavenly
Hash ice cream  cones as much as I do?

This play wrestling sorta looks a bit vicious! Look at those teeth!

As content as any kitty can be.

Helping out in the workshop.

I discovered recently that Luna likes to be carried around in a container - first the laundry basket and now a cardboard box. She's like the Queen of Sheba! She spends much more time napping than Lily and will give up bird and squirrel watching in order to snooze. She's beside me on the couch now while Lily is still watching CAT TV. When it's time to run up and down all the staircases Lily beats Luna by a mile while Lily's feet barely touch 3 of the steps on her way up or down - she's an absolute speed demon!

They love love love boxes. I made a kitty condo by duct taping a bunch of boxes together and cutting doors in the top and sides - I throw a furry mouse in there and Lily happily entertains herself for hours. Luna prefers to observe.

Of course they have annoying habits like chewing plants and computer cords. But they have both learned to use their scratching post instead of the furniture through positive reinforcement - a treat when they use their post or a spray of water when they don't! Lily's most annoying habit is to climb my legs whenever I go into the kitchen...she's hoping for a morsel of cheese. Luna's most annoying habit is tipping over garbage cans to get at the Qtips. They are not allowed in the bathrooms and we have to keep those doors closed all the time and the toilet seats down! Otherwise there are little wet footprints everywhere because they like to dabble their paws in the toilet water! Grrrrr!!

Lily's favourite hangout!
From here she can see the front door, me making a meal
in the kitchenor she can look to her left and see out the
patio doors.

Luna has a love of boxes and bags, so does Lily.

Keeping warm last February when it was -17 to -25 for three weeks.

They both love to play with water. 

Lily is always watching and waiting for
me to come home.

Of course they also have many endearing qualities - they are sooooo cute and love to be cuddled. Luna gives kisses and totally spazzes out at times chasing her own tail and racing from place to place. She likes to come up to me when I'm sitting and tap me on my shoulder to signal play time. Lily loves to play and we have developed many games. She has a little habit of letting her tongue slip out a little while she's snoozing which is just the cutest thing ever!

There you have it - my social life is great isn't it?  Are you very attached to your pets (if you have any)?

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Kim said...

Cats are awesome. When Slugger was younger I was often trying to retrieve his toy mice from under the stove.