Friday, January 22, 2016

Foto Friday

One year ago today....

...Luna and Lily were soaking up the sunshine - last year we had such a frigid winter so any way to warm up was appreciated.

Oh, here's another way to warm up :)  I was laying on the couch reading and Luna was laying on a pillow behind my head. Gradually she got closer and closer til she was hanging over my shoulder with her head on my chest.  I was able to reach my phone and snapped her with a big smile!

Last year I did a lot of winter hiking and ended up with an injury that almost put my UK trip in jeopardy. And was one of the reasons I slipped into depression. This year I'm not taking the chance and will only hike if the trail is clear. My hip muscles (piriformis - the muscles that maintain balance as you walk) have healed but I still have some pain in my glutes.

I remember this day -  we walked along the river in the city - it was very sunny and very cold!

We got to see some of the lovelier parts of London like this graffiti laden underpass.

Instead of seeing the fronts of houses we get to peer into their back yards! Much more interesting.

 Ooooh, an untagged underpass - it might not be now though one year later!

Urban decay vs. nature.  Who's winning?

Guess what this is? You're's part of Labatt's Brewery - yes, we got to walk behind the beer factory!

In place of hiking I've been riding my bike, going to yoga AND tonight I'm going to play volleyball!! I'm so excited! I went once before last Sunday with another group but it's only once a month. But I found out about another group that plays every Friday night - yahoo! Oh, and I'm down 4 pounds from juicing twice a day and then eating a regular dinner. Double YAHOO! 9 more pounds to  go!

Any plans for the weekend?

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