Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Flash Freeze

Well, the last laugh was on me after our cornucopia of rain, freezing rain, snow, wind and a flash freeze. I was so smug...sitting safely inside enjoying a book and hot chocolate, watching the snow going by horizontally!

It's nothing to do with me I thought. 

Woe to me, on Monday, when I tried to get into my truck to get the snow brush and start the truck in order to go buy groceries.  Both doors were frozen solid! With my snow brush inside, of course! I considered hot water but with the temperature at -12c I knew my doors would just freeze shut again. I had to pry them open, that was the only way. I got a screwdriver from the workshop and after wedging it in all around one door I was able to pop it open.

Then I got in, slid over to the other door and starting banging against it to get it open. Unfortunately, when met with total resistance my head whacked against the door with a bang! Started using my shoulder instead, I can be such a goof sometimes, and after a few whacks I got it open.

So let that be a lesson to you - she who laughs last laughs best - I guess in this case Mother Nature is having a good laugh at my expense!

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