Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dreams and Treasure

My two cent bird feeders are working well - I made two new ones yesterday and the chickadees have been dashing back and forth from the huge cedar trees behind my house and the super deluxe feeders.

I am a technician of the highest order. Take two empty toilet paper rolls, slather in peanut butter, roll in birdseed  and stick somewhere that hopefully squirrels won't be able to access. I stuck mine onto a butterfly garden ornament - the antennae to be exact.

They work well for small birds, not so sure about larger birds.

Luna and Lily are thrilled that CAT TV is back and running once again! I mean, this is riveting stuff!

Speaking of larger birds a dove kept them captivated all morning. While I watched, a black squirrel came into the back patio and tried to scare off the dove, but the dove was having none of it. She stood her ground and the squirrel left in a hurry. I assumed the dove would just continue to munch on the seeds that fell to the ground...

 ....but no siree that dove was able to perch on the butterfly and have a lovely lunch - it was a bird's dream come  true!

And the black squirrel?
Relegated to sifting through the dove's droppings! (Note wee kitty ears at the bottom of the photo!) Don'tcha just love free entertainment?

And the treasure?

I thought I'd check my gramma's sewing box for any scraps of ribbon for Luna. She keeps losing (and I keep hunting for)  the Christmas ribbon that she fell in love with. I found some ribbon but even gramma's crochet hooks! I've been wanting to buy more and have a piece of paper in my purse listing the few sizes I already have so I won't purchase duplicates. I may have enough now after uncovering this treasure trove!
My gramma was a master crocheter - she could look at a picture of a doily or afghan and reproduce it without a pattern. Looks like I have a few crochet hooks to use with crochet cotton if I ever make it to that level of skill.

Ignore my spool knitting - it is sitting on a crocheted table cloth that my gramma made for me using crochet cotton years and years ago (she died in l986 at the ripe old age of 94). This is the sort of work she could do with her eyes closed. They almost were closed as she had cataracts that were removed in her 80's.

I think it's just incredible!

Plus there were a number of needles similar to the plastic one I bought for finishing a crocheted piece, tucking in the last bit of yarn. I'm sure they have other uses as well.  How lucky am I??

I've gotten out for a couple hikes this week, pictures to follow on another day. The temperature continues to rise above 0c most days and today we're getting some drizzle. Seems kinda weird for January. Lots more to tell but his post is already long enough!

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