Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Quiet Day

I have a lot going on this week, every day but today, so I took advantage of the peace and quiet that was available. I've been reading an audio book called "The Good Girl", an excellent mystery currently on the best seller list. Well, I say "reading" but really I'm listening while someone reads to me and quite often I fall asleep! I take my iPad to bed with me and listen for as long as I can stay awake. Unfortunately the reader keeps reading even when I'm sleeping so the following day I have to find my way back to the point where I dropped off.  I decided today that I would finish it while in an upright position. Finish it I did even though I did start to get quite drowsy near the end and had to backtrack a little bit. Which is a good thing because the mystery is solved in the very last sentence!!
Last night I went to my very first book club meeting ever. Which just happened to be at The Sweet Onion Bistro where lovely local libations were available. The book club is sponsored by the London Public Library - the club is called Books on Tap - catchy huh?  Over pints my friend and I talked with the facilitator and about 10 or so other members about our favourite Canadian authors. We got more and more interesting as the night wore on and we continued to wet our whistles! I'm already looking forward to the next drunken meeting!

My other new activity is VOLLEYBALL! You may remember me giving up volleyball a few years back as it had gotten rather violent! The young male players just loved to impress each other with how hard they could spike the ball.  I was tired of getting whacked in the head and getting my glasses knocked off.

I went to a one-off volleyball game a week or two ago and realized how much I missed it (the volleyball not the whacking!)  A fellow there told me about a small group who gets together Friday nights - they're friendly, they don't spike hard and have a range of abilities.  And they're looking for a few more players. Two hours of play for $2.00. I went and it was great - I really enjoyed myself. My days just get busier and busier.

Went to see "The Revenant" yesterday.  If Leo Dicaprio doesn't win an Oscar for that role then there is something wrong with the world! He slogged around in the snow and ice constantly, got "mauled" by a grizzly bear, ate raw bear meat, was buried alive, darn near froze to death making it as close to the real thing as he could. Impressive.
Tomorrow I'm hiking, then have yoga and meditation.  On Friday I'm meeting a friend for breakfast, then joining my fellow Council of Canadian members for a sit-in, then meeting a friend for lunch. I have to miss volleyball because a friend of mine has an art show opening at the same time and I promised I'd come.

NEXT week I plan to be more of a homebody. Winter is slipping by quickly and once the nice weather returns I will want to be outside more. I finished another piece in the workshop and mounted it in a shadow box. I'll show photos soon. And that, my friends, is that - now I need to make something for dinner. I'm starved!

What has been the highlight of your week??

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Kim said...

I may have to try an audio book as a sleep aid. There was a college course where I always had to fight nodding off and it was because the professors voice was so soothing.

Sounds like your busy days are fun days. Good for you. Makes me anxious to finish my next 3 years of teaching:)