Sunday, January 18, 2015

Winter - grinning and bearing it!!

Skating with Anestis at Victoria Park - it was a brilliantly sunny day which does wonders for the soul but it was bitterly cold and after about an hour I couldn't feel my lips anymore and I was starting to drool.  Everything I said sounded fubby.

 Indoor winter fun! My living room finally has ART on the walls!!  I did that yesterday while actively procrastinating beginning my "foyer project." I think I have re-thunk the foyer project right into spring as where would I put our numerous wet boots and 47 winter coats??

Hiking - where would I be this winter without hiking? At home, sitting on my ever expanding butt!!

This is my attempt at capturing the "beauty" of the icy cold hell that is outside - about -35c with the wind chill. But ain't it pretty?? The sun is setting - oh goody, it's going to get even colder!!

A bit of blue sky poking through today. I got snow inside my boots in order to get this shot! Oh hydrangea - I remember when you were green with the wonder of spring and white during the heat of summer. Now look at you! Drooping your head in shame!

I suppose I could take a page from Luna and curl up inside a box with a soft warm blanket. Of course I'd need a refrigerator box!! And a quilt or two!! But it is

That's my snow angel created a week ago - on a Sunday!! That's what I do instead of going to church - make snow angels!! Until that moment it was an untouched pristine field!

Taking pictures of unique outdoor natural objects fills a moment or two with wonder and awe - then I awkwardly shove frostbitten fingers back into my mittens while muttering "stupid, stupid, stupid!!"

The ice await-eth!  And with a windchill of about -30 it might wait-eth all day!!

Even the not-so-bright doves are all puffy-breasted to protect themselves from the icy air!

Trudge, trudge trudge! We had to blaze the trail through a few untouched fields - my glutes were screaming at me after a couple of hours! FUN! 

Thank goodness for the annual Wine and Food Show!! I wonder if I can warm this guy up? He's a bit stiff at the moment.

 Did you know that Shock Top breweries produces a chocolate-flavoured wheat beer now? Pretty darn scrumptious!! But I'll settle for the car!!

Oh look - it's my daughter (on the left) promoting Black Buffalo scotch and bourbon!! I'd never had bourbon before so gave it a shot....or I should say she gave me a shot! And a free T-shirt too!! I got warmed up on all counts!!

Today it was back to the relative warmth of Sifton Bog - it was all of 0c today - almost balmy...or is that barmy?  Oh no, that was me!  It was a battle between snow and rain with the snow winning out in the end. A bit on the gloomy side but I was able to wear a light jacket over a couple of layers instead of my heavy duty Canada Goose coat! What a treat!

Not easy to see but this is all that's left of an owl? after a coyote got the better of it!

Not exactly a postcard shot...

...but here the view is much improved by our smiles...SPRING - only two months away!!

Are you getting outside to enjoy what winter has to offer? What DOES winter have to offer??


Marguerite said...

Good for you getting out of doors despite the wicked temperatures. I have to admit I've been reluctant to step foot outside given the wild weather these days. -30 just isn't for me! Love that first picture. You look like you were having such a grand time.

kim said...

I would love to ice skate again but am so afraid of falling and really hurting myself. Now cross country skiing would be right up my ally only we have no snow and it was 53 today:(

Sonya Ann said...

Your daughter is adorable and she gets it from you.
Den and I were talking about how miserable winter is. It just grinds on. I'm so ready for something else!