Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Indigo Gift Card = Bargoons Galore!!

I love love love making the most of someone else's money!! So, when I received an Indigo gift card for Christmas I challenged myself to get the most value and reading pleasure possible. And I think I excelled myself!

The first item is a 2015 travel themed planner - now that I don't get a planner from school I have to purchase one and I fell in love with this little cutie that fits easily in my purse and was on sale for 50% off. I love the pithy little sayings and the retro feel. I've tried using my phone to keep track of stuff but I do love the written word.

Another need is a daily calendar - I get such enjoyment out of ripping off a page each day and the kittens get enjoyment out the rolled up ball I make when the day is done. This calendar was also 50% off and has the added advantage of a built-in alzheimer's protection sudoku puzzle which I have been faithfully completing:)

Now for some reading material: how have I missed this book?? One of my top 5 favourite writers about one of my favourite detectives at a sweet low price!

And finally another $10 book containing 3 complete novels by another good mystery writer!

I will be well-organized over the coming new year and when I'm snowed in, which seems entirely possible today, I won't run short of reading materials! Ok, that's done...what's next I wonder...better check my planner!!

How do you stay organized??


livingrichonthecheap said...

I love Ian Rankin! I am currently reading The Falls by him. I have already read all of Sue Grafton's novel up to the current one - long time fan. Mostly I tend to read British mysteries though. So glad you got good use out of your Christmas gift!

kim said...

I love gift cards and books!

Sonya Ann said...

I too, crave the written word. I can't seem to function without my "main" calander-that's for the monthly things and then my notebook for my daily things. Having it on my phone or the computer didn't work for me either. Maybe a list needs to me handwritten in order to get done.
Happy 2015!

444 said...

Doesn't it always make you feel "rich" when you load up on books? Brain food is sometimes better than regular food, or than clothes or other doodads and knickknacks we can spend money on.

McVal said...

What a bargain!!! I love Sudoku but haven't played it for a long while. One of these days!...