Monday, January 5, 2015

Budget Update

Monday is "Budget Update" day. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

As it is only the first week of my new 2015 budget (and not even a full week at that) the news is all good! Let's enjoy it while it lasts!

Some necessary adjustments have shown up already - my condo fee has gone up by $9 a month. I can handle that. My heating/dryer/hot water tank natural gas bill was $2 more than my estimate of $65 which for this time of year is still ridiculously LOW!! I'll take, it thank you very much, due to a mild December:)

There was extra $$ in the misc budget this month since I don't pay property taxes being on a 10 month plan and because for reasons that will remain a mystery I caught a break in my insurance bill for December AND January. New (lower) rates will begin in February. I appreciated the extra $$ as the bill for my fancy schmancy dining room rug just came through Paypal and I socked an extra $110 into savings to round up my numbers. That all said I still have more than usual in my misc so had a small thrifting spree at Talize to the tune of $36!! I bought a gorgeous new to me coat for $12...brown suede with leather trim and faux fur collar, cuffs and hood! It appears to be brand new or rarely worn!

...a daypack which I've been wanting for quite some time, again looking brand new for $3.99! It just has one strap, you wear it across your body which means the days of taking off my backpack in order to access water/snacks etc are over - just pull around to the front of your body and open - voila!
 ...2 new hats and a kitty....oh no, that's Luna, she's not new! (Hats were $2.99 each)
...something I'm always looking for - splash pants to keep me dry on hikes for $7.99 - in great shape!
 ...and this treasure - a brand new (tag still on) Tuff jacket that was 50% off!! for $6.50!!

And a kitty!! Oh no, that's Luna again - she loves being in the middle of things :)

A very good day of thrifting!!

My variable totals are steady at $615 in the misc budget, a full $180 in the gas budget with a full tank still in Dougie the Dodge and $252 in the food budget.

This photo of my fridge tells me that I don't need to shop this week. Mondays are my gas up and grocery shopping days but I won't need to do either this week. I LOVE it when the money stays IN my budget. All the more for savings at the end of the month...go away Murphy!! I wasn't talking to you!!

Are you on a new budget for 2015 or is it same old same old? If it ain't broke, don't need to fix it!!


444 said...

Those are some great jackets indeed. And a cute kitty and a stocked fridge. What more could anyone want out of life?

Sonya Ann said...

My frig is super full too. I love when we don't have to buy groceries!
I'm hoping that 2015 spending stays low. With gas prices down, I'm hoping to sock away some more money.
Oh and your kitty is too cute!

livingrichonthecheap said...

A great start to the new financial year. We are trying to reduce food spending after my stepdaughter moved it - it increased way more than it should have. I had to rein in hubby at our costco run lastnight and we managed to escape with only produce and milk. The produce after new years was absolute terrible at Superstore - but costco had really awesome tomatoes a huge tray for $5 and a big bag of avacades and peppers for $7 each. Our natural gas in BC is actually going down a bit - which will help as BC hydro is raising its rates in April by 6% and we really have no other options except to reduce consumption.

Lena said...

Nice finds! It's been a while since I stepped my food in a thrift store. You make me miss it! And I'm so envious about your gas bill! Ours will definitely break our bank this month. Oh well, I have to keep all of my babies warm here...(insert a big sigh)

kim said...

Cute things and you do need to stay warm up there!