Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday's Money

Who doesn't love to count their money on a Monday??

Jane's Budget:                          , 2015   
Pension     2261


Property tax             155
UnionGas                   65

Condo                      256
London Hydro          60

Bell                             83
Netflix                       8

Kazi                        +200
Savings                     350

Insurance                 312
Gas                           180

Reliance                     33
Food                        280                                   137          

Rogers                       79                       
Misc                          600

So far so good. I've had a few No Spend days now that I'm only shopping on Mondays and Fridays. Funny how that works! I have managed to delay several impulse purchases with the result that they weren't made at all saving me lots of moolah!! I've read that if you put off a purchase for even ONE day you will usually rethink it. 

I took my truck in for an overdue oil change and also got new windshield wipers to the tune of $97.00.  One wiper broke due to the deep freeze we were in last week! That comes out of my misc spending.  Other misc spending includes some clothing from Talize, a thrift store - a winter coat, splash pants, hats, backpack etc. I also purchased a book online for my iPad and when I shopped at the art store to use my gift card I spent more than the worth of the gift card...of course!! To the tune of $42.00.  Money well spent I think. And I took out some $$ which paid for dinner out with my 2 nephews and 1 great nephew and a couple of coffee dates.

Today was grocery shopping and gas up the truck day. Gas (a full tank) cost me $52.00 which is way cheaper than usual and groceries were $114 which is more than usual but the last time I bought any food was Dec. 30th! What I bought will last 2 weeks except we'll likely need more jalapenos - my daughter puts a lot of jalapenos in her guacamole and we always run out. 

So here's what $115.00 Cdn buys you these days...doesn't look like much does it?

Some non-essentials, nothing too terrible. We need the multigrain scoops for our frequent feasts of guacamole! And basic crackers for hummus and tahini :)  No excuse for the wine gums :/

The non-edibles - not much here to complain about - just laundry detergent, facial scrub and vitamins. Could be a lot worse!

Lots of chicken and chicken bacon (I had a craving!), shrimp, enough salmon for four meals, ditto on the sole. Mix in a few vegetarian meals and this will last at least 2 weeks - we're not huge meat eaters.

We need to find bigger jars of jalapenos!! Diced tomatoes is the base for so many meals and I love hummus for high-protein lunches and snacks.

And then the main part of our diet - cheap containers of riper veg and fruit for juicing plus lots of fresh fruit (bananas, blueberries, clementines and avocados(are they a fruit or a veg?) and lots of veg - spinach, celery, peppers, onions cucumbers, carrots, broccoli and lots and lots of tomatoes!

And that's what you get for $115!

Does that seem like a good price to you or a bad price?


Joann said...

Try fresh jalenpenos. Much cheaper, and more delicious! Easy to find in Canada too.

livingrichonthecheap said...

We are on a bigtime avacado kick right now too - mmm guacamole! Meat is so bloody expensive in Canada - I think you did well!

~Carla~ said...

Food costs are absolutely disgusting now! :( It's so hard to stay low! Meat, fruits & veggies are all supposed to go up by another 5% this year! Horrid!

it's me Sam said...

I think you did pretty good buying groceries. Have you ever bought produce from Giant Tiger? They usually have pretty good deals.

Sonya Ann said...

I think that you did great. I'm trying to get through January with buying very little in the way of groceries. We have to pay $500 for the accident(which isn't fair since it was someone else's fault) and I still have $500 to pay off on the furniture. It will be an ugly month.

Val said...

Good job! Do they have Aldis up there? I haven't bought laundry detergent for a while now and LOVE not having to lug the jugs into the house... Not sure if it's making my clothes cleaner, but you can't have everything!

Laura / No More Spending said...

I'm not sure if it's a lot or not? I know prices are quite high there. I loved seeing your groceries though ;)