Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Studio is Open!

The studio is open!! I wish it was larger but I'm sure it'll be just fine.  I have a bunch of stuff in another storage area that I want to sell at a yard sale in June; after that I can move more stuff out of my workroom so it won't seem as cramped.

I changed the location of my work table so that it is directly under the light source - that makes a huge difference while working. A simple change and free - right up my alley!

I spent my gift certificate (and more) at Curry's art supply store and here are some of my treasures:
lots and lots of tempura paint with extra-large bottles of silver, gold and hot pink! A package of 4 black markers with a variety of tips, 2 paint trays, a whole bunch of new brushes and some wedge shaped sponges for special fun times!!

Below that shelf is a row of printing ink - 7 colours in all - so delicious!

some close-ups...

I have a good inventory of soap stone bits and pieces. Can't wait to get started on these but I haven't purchase an air purifier yet. Gotta keep the dust to a minimum when working inside!

Here's some of my large collection of carving tools, most purchased over the years from Lee Valley. I LOVE working with these!

My big toolbox which contains my dremel, diamond-tipped bits, sandpaper, more tools etc all within reach.

Luna inspecting the hot water heater ...but not for long!!

And Lily inspecting our newly painted baseboards - all done and looks great! They were so helpful!

Devoting one day per week to my various interests seems to be going well - I'm into my second week and like the routine. The problem is I forget sometimes to look at it and so am unprepared when certain days today is supposed to be "redecorating around the house" day and I didn't prepare for it so decided to switch it with  tomorrow's "art day" and while I'm being "creative" I'll think about my next redecorating project. I know what it's going to be but I haven't figured out my approach, what needs to be done first, second etc. It's my schedule so I can change it if I wanna!!

Photos of past art adventures coming soon!

*Last Friday I found out from a family friend that her 96 year old father had passed away. He was a wonderfully kind and sweet man who with his family attended the same church as my family  as we were growing up. I wrote a note to his youngest daughter telling her that whenever I would see her dad walking along the street in our village he would always stop to chat. He made me feel as though I was just the person he was wanting to see - he had a gift for making everyone feel special. Today I received a note back from her telling me that she had used my words in her eulogy - I was so immensely touched by this example of the father's kindness living through his daughter.


livingrichonthecheap said...

At some point you will have to promise pictures of your art created in your fabulous little studio!

Val said...

Can't wait to see what you create!! And I'm sorry about your friend's dad... :(