Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So anyways...

Hurrah! I now have what they call here "high speed internet"!! I beg to differ but it's better than what I had before which was just my cell phone. (Can't wait to see my next cell phone bill - NOT!!) Tonight it took a while before I was able to get online but eventually I did, so I should just stop being a whiner!

I've been wondering where to go next with my blog - that's the dilemma I'm currently facing. Now that I AM retired what's next? Things didn't exactly turn out the way I thought they were going to and I still don't know the answer to the Clash song's big question: "should I stay or should I go now?" I really don't know. Honest to God I change my mind about 10,000 times a day. I have had some really rough days here at Crofters Lane - I'm even wondering about changing its name to something else, but if I don't move here then why bother? I'm really overthinking things so am going to let it go for now and try not to think about it. The answers will come.

So, what I'm thinking about now is changing up my blog format, changing my direction to something like:

"Living Alone: Smash the Fear" (Sam - you were the inspiration for that one - at least your fridge is;)!!)

"The Single Life: Pros and Cons"

"The Joys and Sorrows of Life Alone"

"Finding Jane"

"After Retirement - What's Next?"

"Life after Teaching"

"Finding my Way Back"

And on it goes...I am open to suggestions...please! All that "alone" stuff isn't meant to just be morose but to explore the various challenges a woman, aged 58, retired, faces as she goes about her daily life. For instance, I am finding new ways of doing things since I don't have a strong man around. I have to be way more creative. Is that interesting? Do you have an opinion of what direction I should take? Please weigh in with your opinions - I find what you have to say immensely valuable!

In the meantime I'll be sharing photos from the last couple of weeks, and I have TONS! Hopefully you don't mind going back in time a wee bit while I catch up. I haven't done a proper post since I left Ontario 3 weeks ago.

Here's a start; I left London on June 29th, stopping in Barrie for a little jam session...
 Tammy - bass player extraordinaire!
Her talented partner Jay...
Steve and Nancy, the hosts of the evening...
And then entered a saxophone player...
and a tinkler of the ivories...
pretty magical! (Look ma, no hands!!)
Jan, belting one out!
Oh yes, I also play guitar...
On the road again...drove as far as I could that night and then slept in the back seat of my truck at a service centre - yes, indeedy!

There's so much to love about New Brunswick...the hills..
the streams...
the view around every curve...
the lupines were at their peak...
Dougie the Dodge handled beautifully - I was so proud!
I pushed myself and drove from 6am to 10pm...the sunset was brilliant...

and then I arrived at my destination - a sweet little house in rural New Brunswick - good friends, good food, awesome fur babies and a comfy bed. Sigh..... :)

To be continued...


  1. Ok I am going to jump in as my nosey old self. Jane you were a strong woman long before "him" and you are a strong woman now. We all mourn when something like that happens..because no matter what a part of who we were, how we defined ourselves died. No he may not be dead but to you he is so lets look at this the way you would tell me to.

    You have survived things that were worse that this. You were a single mother who strugled and raised a beautiful smart daughter, you have friends who may not be able to hold you physically but will always listen and you have friends who can hold you. So now I think its time to be Jane. Not Jane the Mom, or the teacher or the Jane who unfairly had her heart broken. Its time for you to find things you want to do, your not alone, you have friends where you are. Paint, fish, run around naked if you want(ok but not when the police are around) join a book club, write a book, experement in the kitchen. Do things you always wanted to wanted to do but found a reason not to. You have given all of your love to your students and your daughter..now give it to yourself.

    You will find your place I promise. I haven't walked in your shoes but they were damn close and I survived and I could tell you the pain goes away but I wont lie its more like you stop dwelling on it. Instead you wake up one morning and its not the first thing you think of.

    Redo your ground the way YOU would want it to look...let the Jane vibes flow! Make everything your own..take it back. It took me til now to empty drawers and repaint the room but it was cleansing.

    Ok I will stop preaching now. Remember your real friends are still here and still only a phone call away. I don't think its about finding Jane..you know where you are...its about reinventing Jane....or Janes life adventures. No matter what...I am here when you need me..just a call or email away.


  2. I'm with Judy. I was scared to DEATH to take this road trip by myself but guess what? I survived and I had F-U-N and I'm so sad it's almost over now. 8-(((
    You can do this....just take it one day at a time. That's what I did....I didn't think about all the miles I was traveling I just focused on the day I was on and where I had to go that one day.
    And be gentle with yourself.

  3. Hi Jane,
    I enjoy reading your blog from grey wintery New Zealand. I am glad your teaching career is over now and your next adventures are beginning, I am looking forward to reading about them.

    I could only dream of retiring at your age. In my forties I feel like I am going to have to keep working for the next thirty years at this rate.

    Enjoy your summer and I hope you keep blogging, I am sure there is an exciting new future just waiting for you to discover

    Julie Q

  4. New Zealand!!! Now that's a place I would LOVE to visit!! Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting - I do plan to continue the blog but perhaps with a new or additional focus. :)

  5. I love reading about your journey Sluggy - and one of these days I'm going to show up at YOUR door! I'm going to resurrect my old dream of visiting my blogging friends - in fact I met "It's me Sam" a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE her! Well, in a friendly sense I mean ;) Thanks for your support Sluggy - you are always there when I need you:)

  6. Relax. Enjoy your summer. Live in the moment. Let go.
    You have lots of time to think of stuff when you realize......
    Holy smokes it is September and here I am at the beach......not work!
    Laugh and then be amazed.

  7. You are so wise my friend. I couldn't find your other comment when you said you couldn't find my email so here it is: j_harrison@rogers.com
    I love where you say "I could tell you the pain goes away but I won't lie its more like you stop dwelling on it. Instead you wake up one morning and its not the first thing you think of."
    Sometimes I suddenly realize partway through the day that I haven't thought about him and I'm glad. Other days I can't get him out of my mind. I know that will get better and the time I don't think about him will get longer and longer until one day I won't think of him at all. That's hard to imagine but I know it will happen.
    In the meantime, soldier on.
    Thank you Judy for being there for me. I couldn't do it without you.

  8. livingrichonthecheapJuly 23, 2014 at 10:24 AM

    I would not recommend changing your blog name to something about being single - only because the second you decide you want to be single - life has a way of happening - then you will just have to go changing it again :) Maybe call it Life with Jane? That way, no matter what path you take you can blog about whatever the heck it is you want to. Well done on the thrift finds by the way - cheers!

  9. Wow. You remind me of my sister with your adventurous soul! Can't wait to hear all that you did on your trip!

  10. Cindy Masterson-RothJuly 23, 2014 at 11:12 AM

    I have been too busy the past couple of months, I am afraid I have been tardy in my blog reading. My apologizes ... Happy Retirement ! have you now moved down to the East Coast permanently? Yes we purchased the RV Motorhome, now we need to save money so we can hopefully go away next Summer for a week.

  11. Jane, I've been following you for a while and really admire you for heading to PEI, a place that you have always loved. Hang in there it will get easier.
    Retirement is a wonderful thing enjoy!!!!
    I agree, IF you change the name then make it something like Life with Jane as suggested above.

  12. I think I like it what's named currently: life begins at retirement. You are retired, so now you're living the life! Life is next. How about Jane biking/riding/flying solo? :) Just kidding. I like DIY and how people do things... from sewing to cooking to organizing, what happens in their lives, etc. You're you and that's plenty! I would totally sleep at a service center overnight. We've done it with my parents. Just make sure to be parked right near the entrance or under a security camera. That's a long drive, hope you took plenty of breaks... for your and Dougie's sake. I broke a car, and that was only 16hrs of driving.

  13. Jane I love the name of your blog, but I don't think it matters so much what you call it, more that YOU feel good about what you are sharing here. I have loved watching you plan for your retirement, identified with the struggles in the workplace and oohed and aahhed over the gorgeous pics you post. Write about whatever you want to, I'll be reading along and wishing all the best whatever the future might hold. xx

  14. You broke a car lol! I like my blog title too so am going with it but just adding onto it a bit :) Thanks Tanner, dare I say Tania?

  15. Thank you Louise - your voice has been heard! I've just added a second line to my blog title. I began to feel the same - it is the title I've lived with for the past 5+ years - it's me.

  16. Thanks Jake, I appreciate your comment and support. I've decided just to add a bit to my blog title, like Tanner says, it still makes sense.

  17. Not permanently yet, I'll be heading back to London in October or November, whenever it starts to get too cold for my few baseboard electric heaters. Congrats on the RV purchase!! I've considered buying one myself but driving it kind of scares me :I

  18. thanks McVal...I think. Your sister is still alive right? Sometimes I scare myself with the things I do! Getting my gas BBQ up from my scary basement here in PEI was a challenge that I wasn't sure I'd survive! (I did;)

  19. Yup - I've decided to keep it almost the same. It is still valid and does allow for me to write about whatever. Thanks my thrifty friend:)

  20. I agree - must live in the moment and let things sort themselves out. I still have some anxious moments but it's getting better. Can't wait for September!! :)

  21. I agree with Louise blew, it doesn't matter what you call it! People will continue to read it, now even moreso! This is your adventure! And it is exciting to read about it. That sunset pic is glorious!

  22. I love your new title - perfect!!
    We're going to PEI in August and wondered if we could drop by to say hi!

  23. Cindy Masterson-RothJuly 24, 2014 at 4:36 PM

    Ah not a permanent move then. Enjoy & relish every moments, as I am sure you are. I wouldn't dare think of driving the dang thing myself ... it is HUGE ! and thank you :)


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