Friday, July 25, 2014

On to PEI - The Next Leg of the Journey!

 Staying with my friends in New Brunswick, Michelle and Gary, was a welcome respite from a long day of driving (16 hours).  It would have only taken me 15 hours if Michelle hadn't texted me every few minutes to find out where I was lol!!

I arrived around 10pm or so, hot, weary and very sweaty shiny! I got to stay in a lovely guest bedroom and slept like the dead! Michelle and Gary treat their guests really well - they want us to come back!!   (I will!)
 Look at that Thai salad-it was absolutely scrumptious!! Gary is quite a cook and knows that I sure love me a great salad!
 I got to visit and play with my other good friends - Jango...
.....and Colby who is blind.  Jango takes good care of Colby - he's such a sweet and loveable dog :) They both are!
 We had a nice long stroll along the boardwalk and man was it a HOT day!!
 It was also Canada Day and lots of people were enjoying the beaches!
 I miss you my friends, and you too Colby and Jango! I love coming to see you all and Michelle I am making good use out of the clothes you gave me :)
It's a beautiful property, well looked after and lots and lots of trees ;)
This one is my favorite!
It was a quick visit but I'll see you again before summer is over! I need to get to Crofters Lane and see how the place has held up over that extremely long and extremely ferocious winter! So back on the road I go!
 Approaching Confederation Bridge!
 Heading towards the highest section of Confederation Bridge - I don't find it scary anymore crossing the 13km long bridge.
There's the island! I have about another hour of driving to go, but first I'm going into Summerside to buy lots of groceries at the Atlantic Superstore.  All year long I use my President's Choice mastercard for any and all purchases which earns me at least $300 worth of free groceries!!  I love FREE!
 The sun is starting to set by the time I get to Crofters Lane but it's light enough still to see that the grass has gotten out of hand!! YIKES!! I find a note in my door from my lawn guy saying I need to get about 20 cows! Due to the delay in getting the gate unlocked at the bottom of my laneway by the de-winterizing plumber dude Ian couldn't get in to cut the lawn. Needless to say I'll be making extra keys to the gate so Ian can have one of his own.

See the metal pole sticking out of the ground in the middle of the picture? That is where the firepit is but the grass is up past my knees - the darn daisies are starting to grow! 20 cows would just about do it!
 You can see Ian attempted to cut a bit of the "field" in front of the house so I'd have somewhere to put the truck.  Good thing I have all-terrain tires on ol' Dougie! I still had to wade through long grass to unload the truck and I got everything in to the living room through the front door. By then it was beginning to get really dark and I needed to get the groceries put away and my bed made. I was up pretty late the first night trying to get my belongings in some sort of order.
But first I took a picture of the view, fields and all, from my front porch. At least IT'S still the same :)


  1. Man, what a lovely scenario. Beautiful photos! And I would personally recommend sheep over cows. I heard they're fast and efficient. Cute pups!

  2. I wonder whether we should get a president choice card, we only ever shop at Fortinos now (something which irks me - I am sure it would be cheaper if we shopped around). Those dogs are darli and the boardwalk looks lovely. Crossing the bridge to PEI is definitely on my bucket list!

  3. Your little house is gorgeous Jane. What about your own little dog buddy? Might be good company for you.

    Julie Q

  4. It's a beautiful place,Jane...I hope we are 'neighbours' one day.
    Jane x

  5. You may have hit a few bumps in the road but your life is AWESOME and is something that I aspire to.
    Enjoy the summer.

  6. Glad to see you are home safe!

  7. Welcome home Jane :)

  8. Thanks Marguerite! Good to be here :)

  9. Oh Sonya Ann I don't think anyone aspires to be treated the way I was and left on one's own but I think I know what you mean :) What are a few bumps anyways? What doesn't kill us....

  10. That would be so wonderful!! Then if I had a cat or two you could look after them while I cross the Sahara or whatever :) ....

  11. Eventually I would like to have a dog and a cat and a few chickens and who knows what else? A budgie? A hamster? But not makes travel difficult and I'm not ready to be tied down yet. But you're right - it would make a huge difference :)

  12. I love my president's choice card - it's the only one I need!

  13. Or goats! I could learn how to make goat's cheese! Or not...

  14. That's decided then!! I am definitely going to have to get one next week at Fortinos.


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