Saturday, July 12, 2014

Internet Woes

Thank you my dear friends for your most supportive and helpful comments on my "reaching out" post from the other day. Staying connected is of vital importance I am finding. I have already implemented some of your suggestions but as I am using my iPad and have none of my photos on it I'll be posting about those things in another post hopefully in the not too distant future.

I really really really want things to get back to normal internet wise. But this is PEI!!  Normal in P E I is when the internet company shows up and "tests the site"!  Ok, admittedly I didn't really understand what that meant, now I do.  This particular company uses towers to transmit the internet signal (please forgive my lack of technical jargon) and proceeded to go up to my roof line in a cherry picker.  No signal.

It seems that my forest was blocking the signal! In this day and age they can't work around the trees? Nope, cut 'em down! Cut them all down! Actually their solution was to hire some guys to install a 35-40' tower at the edge of my property that might then allow a signal to reach little ol' me. Ummmmm no thanks.

So then on my cell phone I chat with an agent of Bell only to find out that wifi and "regular" internet are two different things and I can't afford wifi! The lovely agent said to try Bell Aliant and see if they provide service in the boonies.  To make a long story shorter I discover there is a Bell Aliant dealer in my local Home Hardware store so off I go. Well, I purchased a one year monthly contract (nothing seasonal available from Bell) but do not yet have an appt with them to come and hook things up. Sigh.....I'll call  THEM on Monday and see if I can get things moving, however I'll be away Tues. to Friday so things don't look too hopeful.

By the time I get things hooked up it'll be time to go back to London and I'll be providing free internet to the spiders and chipmunks over the winter months. Sheesh!

Sooooooo, today's post is brought to you courtesy of the only Starbucks on the island in Charlottetown. I'm headed to my sisters place so came early and had a spree at Indigo books as I had $120 left in gift cards. First thing I nabbed was The Globe and Mail newspaper-finally, news of the outside world! I also bought 5 bargain books (already on sale but if you buy five you get an additional 50% off!) I know how to work the system and get the most for my money. I also got a huge wicker basket for my overflow of books (50% off), a couple of books not on sale....GASP!, a blue glass pitcher with matching glasses, a passport holder, a monogrammed  keychain ($2.00), and I forget what else. One of the bargain books was the latest Reader's Digest of home repairs! Stay tuned for some DIY projects:)

So now I must head off into the wild blue yonder. I've been more positive the last couple of days thanks largely to you good folks. Oh, and exciting news! I met another blogger-"I am Sam!!  Many of you know her from her blog. She's wonderful and I'm so glad we finally met. One of these days I'll be coming to visit all of you! That road trip ideas is still in the back of my mind:)


  1. We have the same problem in Idaho, many times even an apartment cant get good internet becasue of trees. Bummer

  2. Do you have much data on your phone? This summer we decided to just use our phones as "personal hotspots" at the cottage. We may go over our data for one month, but it is cheaper than paying for internet down here all year. We had been using a hub that worked off the cell network. Saving about $500/year.

  3. Ughhh... I dislike dealing with cable and internet. I prefer for it to all just magically work, and at a reasonable price. I hope you get it worked out. Enjoy your visit with sis.

  4. I have issues with my Internet all the time even though I have only one tree around...

  5. Or perhaps we'll be visiting YOU if we end up as neighbours!
    Jane x

  6. How much fun to go on a road trip to meet bloggers! That idea appeals to me! Thank goodness for Starbucks hey?!

  7. How cool that you and It's me, Sam could meet!

    Also - this internet thing looks like a real pita! (That's Pain In The Ass acronymed)

  8. Spiders and chipmunks need internet too! :( I was also going to bring the cellphone-as-hotspot idea. Depending on where you are, the internet may be very slow, or pretty decent, and you can get it for about $60-$70/mo. May be cheaper than a 1-yr contract.


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