Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happiness is...

  • a smart and funny child who makes me smile (she calls me "lady")
  • my newish blog title :) (thank you my friends!)
  • planting new trees on the old homestead (1 maple and 2 beech)
  • discovering that previously planted trees are still alive!! (4 out of 5 maples, a red oak, an eastern pine, many many spruce seedlings)
  • having a sister email me several times a day with positive advice and encouragement
  • having a good friend spend 3 weeks with me to get me over a tough spell
  • marigolds
  • gathering enough dead wood for several more campfires
  • a cold beer (or two) after mowing lawn around my forest during 30+ humid weather...ahhhhh!
  • wandering around Victoria by the Sea with no time restraints; walking out onto the ocean floor when the tide is out!
  • RAW FOOD - tonight's dinner is zucchini spaghetti with alfredo sauce made from cashews :)
  • buying my very own adjustable wrench!!
  • planting kale and lettuce seeds in July - why not?
  • time for reading novels (not exactly classic literature if you know what I mean)
  • icecream (toffee almond twist - a flavour I can only get on the island - I made it THREE WEEKS before I caved!!
  • YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU!! My blogging friends - the best friends in the world!!
  • loving myself, believing that I am worthy
  • meeting relatives for the first time!! My second cousin Dawn and cousin-in-law Cindy
  • travelling to Halifax for the first time - what an amazing city! I love your galleries and museums and especially your thrift/vintage clothing stores!!
  • siblings who care
  • crows for their entertainment value
  • a strong wind that helps keep me cool in this scorching weather AND prevents mosquitoes and flies from landing on me :) :)  now THAT'S happiness!!
  • high speed internet which I DON'T have, but wish I did; it took about 15 minutes to upload the following 5 photos - good thing I didn't try for more! 
                                     The tide is out!
                                    I want a turquoise house (in Victoria by the Sea!!)
                                Chocolate should be on the list - it makes me really really really happy!
                                  PEI scenery - the layers and layers in a landscape.
                              Trees, especially the largest tree in PEI!!!     Julie is a tree-hugger but this one was                                                        way too big for her though she tried!  

                                  Ain't she a beaut!?!          


kim said...

You sound better my friend and you are worth it! I wish I could visit you there. It sounds like so much fun!

livingrichonthecheap said...

What a beautiful list! Definitely, chocolate should be on it. Maybe I need to make a list. What a wonderful positive thing to do.

Kim said...

Atta girl, Jane. Your glass is half full and the server is headed to your table.

Sharon said...

Jane, I LOVE your list. I need to make one of my own to keep good things in focus. I know chocolate would almost be first on MY list. :)
To answer your question on your last post, I think all of those directions would be interesting. Good bloggin stuff to come for sure!
I think you are a strong, independent woman and there is still so.much.adventure awaiting you.
You don't need a big burly guy to make it happen. (Although, stay open for just never know....hee hee).
Hope your high speed internet gets better soon!

it's me Sam said...

Awesome list! Love the new name... I can come and help paint your home if you like... I think it would rock being painted turquoise... Halifax is a nice city... lots to do and see.

Tania said...

No list can be complete without chocolate. We "installed" mulch for the first time in our house. It was quite a learning experience, but the results are so nice! Maybe I'll look at trees next... (Ps, sorry, I didn't know how to change my name here, ha!)

Jane Harrison said...

You'll always be "Tanner" to me :) Light chocolate or dark?

Jane Harrison said...

If I ever decide to paint my home turquoise you'll be the first person I call!

Jane Harrison said...

Thanks Sharon, life is just one long adventure - it all depends on one's frame of mind! I've deleted and re-added your blog - I hope that works this time.

Jane Harrison said...

Well, I better drink up then hadn't I?? :)

Jane Harrison said...

I thought of lots more to add to my list but will save for another time when I need to motivate myself :)

Jane Harrison said...

Wishes can come true you know! The invitation will always be there!

AnnA said...

Milk chocolate always feeds the soul! Jane, glad you sound better and are on your way back to discovering how much joy surrounds you. I have followed your blog for a couple of years now and I think you are amazing! I think the new name is great for your next chapter and next series of adventures. You never know what's around the corner, and that's part of the fear and part of the sheer joy that life can bring! Stay good to yourself.

Sarah said...

I LOVE this post!!!! I grinned really big when I got to the "I am worthy" ... because you are! So happy to see you taking your time and enjoying the little things that make you happy.

Jane said...

Crows HAVE to be on the list..I luuuuurve crows!
Jane x

Holly Nelson said...

That tree is awesome! I am so in awe of you owning a wrench! I don't own a single tool, which is a real failing now I think about it.

mcval said...

Nice new name! And chocolate... what's not to love?!