Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Lawn from Hell

This is how my living room looked after unloading Dougie. It was so much fun getting things out of the back of the truck and then hauling them through the long grass. (not) I think I was being "tested"!! I think I failed the "language" part of the test $@4%^#)!;o**!!

The first few days being at Crofters Lane were LONG LONG days (and nights) as I unpacked and tried to find room for way too much stuff and no storage or closets to put things in.
My first morning - I started an amazingly good book, ate my oatmeal like a good scotswoman and watched the ripples in my coffee as the wind blew and blew strong!!
However, the FIELDS had to be faced. Thankfully I didn't have to face them alone!
My helpful lawn guy, Ian, came over with with his tractor and cutting attachment. We harvested many bales of hay I'm sure. I'll have to take a picture of the "hay mow"! I raked an average of 6 hours a day for 3 days running. Wearing gloves really does prevent blisters but there was nothing I could do for my back other than get right back at it each day.
My hay fields were doing a whole lot better than the clover field to the south of me which had many barren patches. Not so my fields. Also shown in this picture is my wonderful heirloom rocking chair made by my uncle Richard. Very rustic, very sturdy, very comfortable!
 Too bad I didn't have a herd of something, like 20 cows, who could have enjoyed this harvest.
 In addition to "baling hay" I also got busy with the gas push mower - yes - I figured out how to start it myself - and did hours and hours of mowing around trees and bushes and re-mowing areas that had been missed by Ian's tractor and then his riding lawn mower. I felt ready to give up a time or ten but stuck with it. I think all the physical exercise was both challenging but needed to help me over the hurdle of being there on my own.'s a good thing I'm not allergic to grass!! Or hard work! It took a good two weeks of mowing and raking before it was all under control. Not exactly the way I had planned to spend the first 2 weeks of July. And wouldn't you know that the lawn turned yellow after 2 weeks without rain??  Thankfully though we had an all day downpour a couple of days ago and all is green once again.



  1. Looks blissful! Despite the hard work. I miss up baling hay. I read the kite runner - the book you are reading looks amazing?!

  2. livingrichonthecheapJuly 27, 2014 at 12:22 AM

    At least you had no time to dwell...can't talk...mowing! A little less rain means the grass grows slower...just saying :)

  3. Jane the Mower...has a ring to it!
    Jane x

  4. Oh my , are you going to sell the grass?

  5. That is crazy! I might have left it.

  6. You definitely need to get a cow or two :)

  7. Hay Jane...........don t have a cow!
    If you have enough acreage to have hay to sell, maybe you can use that to get a farm tax credit and lower your taxes enough to hire a farmer to cut and bale the hay year around.

  8. hoo boy, I do not envy you. I am allergic to grass and I hate mowing the lawn. and we have a ride on mower. Such a time consuming chore and as you mention, it just keeps growing!

  9. That is definitely ALOT to mow! Congrats on getting it done. Were you really wishing for rain so that it could grow again? LOL! Let's see a pic of your biceps. I bet they are pretty impressive right about now!

  10. Sheep are the answer! And yeah, I was wondering too, are you selling the hay you are getting? I am sure farmers would appreciate it, or at least come and collect it for free themselves. That'd be a win-win business proposition! Still, gorgeous backgrounds. So serene. I'd trade ya.


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