Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Last week was SO BUSY!! The week ended with a family get together on Sunday. My two brothers and sister-in-law came over and we stuffed ourselves silly with chinese food, celebrated birthdays and my retirement and wished my oldest brother luck as he left for the east coast Monday morning on a well-packed motorcycle.  Yes, he's almost 65 and he's making a 2000+km motorcycle ride! We do love adventures in this family!

I spent Monday at home, recuperating, and then got back into the thick of things today. Tomorrow is another retirement dinner that our school board puts on at a swanky hotel and then Friday we're having a party at my dep't head's house. I think the weekend is FREE!

Once the family get together was over I gave myself permission to begin planning for my trip east!! YAY!! The list is pretty long! I've never had a will before so before I leave Kazi and I are heading to the lawyer's to get a will drawn up in addition to giving her power of attorney.  If anything happens to me (and eventually something will) I don't want her to have any problems accessing my accounts etc.

Dougie the Dodge needs to go in for a once over and an oil change. No, I haven't started packing up Dougie yet but there is a portion of my dining room given over to holding the things I'm planning on taking. I'll take pictures soon. I've been slack the last few days in taking photos - when that happens you know I'm BUSY! Must make that appointment tomorrow! Time is quickly running out :)

Yesterday I worked on going through the many storage bins I've packed to check for things I need to take east with me. I found my electrical adapter, thankfully,  so I can keep everything charged up when in England.
I also found the genealogical information that I want to re-familiarize myself with over the summer. For 3 days I'll be exploring Norwich and surrounding villages, namely Dickleburgh, where my "Chilver" ancestors lived .....
...in this thatched cottage. It no longer exists but Dickleburgh is quite small so I'm going to wander the streets holding up the photo to see where it fits in!!! Great idea huh? I'm sure it'll work. There's a pub, the Dickleburgh Crown, so I'll take the photo there too and see if anyone is old enough to remember any Chilvers in the area. I'm definitely not going for the beer. Yeah, right :) !!

Today was a nice day at work. Each day that is left is packed full of things to get done, like report cards and packing up - the time is just whizzing by. Tomorrow - 15 days left!

And now - supper! Me and my toes hope you had a great day and that wherever you are the sun was shining brightly :)


  1. Nice toe colour for a retiree!

  2. witchisland.blogspot.caJune 11, 2014 at 6:25 AM

    Can't believe you only have 15 days left till retirement. Love the picture of your house with the dramatic looking sky looming behind it. Glad you are getting your will done, it's a smart move.
    Will your daughter be able to join you for a week or so?
    Take care and enjoy these last few days at work with your friends and students. I'm sure you will be sadly missed by all.

  3. My pink toes wave to your silver ones!
    Jane x

  4. livingrichonthecheapJune 12, 2014 at 5:51 PM

    I have not had time to paint my toenails but it is on the list this week. Enjoy all the parties, I can't wait to see lots of pics when you go on your big trip. You also have to take lots of pics of PEI beaches so I can compare. Be aware that wills may have to be redone depending where your primary residence ends up - when we moved from AB to BC we had to redo them as there are different things that need to happen (like executor in BC have to sign and not in AB, weird)Cheers!

  5. I have to say, Jane, that I'm getting excited about seeing you. I just read your post with Louis Amstrong's 'What a Wonderful World' playing in the background. I feel all mushy now and sad at the thought you're only passing through and then off to the Island. ...sigh.... I told Gary we're make our way over there, dogs in tow and he seem OK with it. It's his pain levels, not visiting with you that causes him to hesitate! Don't worry... they won't overwhelm you and we'll sleep in the van. If I win the lottery, I'll buy a big boat and we'll scoot on over in our ocean going vessel whenever we want (or whenever you want us to..lol). How's that?

  6. That's news to me, thank you for the tip! Best to be forewarned:)

  7. Don't I get to spend the night?? We'll have a wild party and then you'll be glad to see me go the next day:) And don't forget I'm staying til November - I'll get over to see you again and yes YOU folks & doggies can come to see me!
    You're getting excited?? ME TOO!! I have to pinch myself to know it's really happening. My five year plan has finally come to fruition! There was a time when my countdown widget was close to 2000 days until retirement. I feel ill just thinking about that number!!

  8. Oh yes, you are spending the night and we ARE going to have a partay! I'll be sure to well rested so I'm not sleepy by 10 pm. LOL Hard to believe this is happening, huh?

  9. I love the idea of finding out where your ancestors lived. I would love to find out more about my family tree etc. Oooh...I might spend some time on this actually!

  10. It's starting to feel real as I keep going to dinners and parties. This Tuesday there's an open house in my classroom with staff, students and former students, parents etc. then a final luncheon on the 27th.

  11. If only I didn't have report cards and 100 other tasks to complete:( oh well. I'm soooooo glad I started cleaning out my classroom and office back in April. There's not much left to bring home. And renos are now put off til November. I'll have close to 5 months to relax before getting back at it then will put the condo up for sale. I'm feeling close to 100% sure I want to live on my little piece of paradise.

  12. I wish Kazi could come for a visit but summer is her busiest time for work. Once I'm permanently established I'll fly her out!

  13. I was actually looking for the new chrome nail polish but no luck so far, but yes silver is nice.


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