Sunday, June 15, 2014

If I could save time in a bottle...

... the first thing that I'd like to do..... SING IT WITH ME EVERYONE......
HAH, never don't want to hear me sing! Really.

So it seems one must retire in order to get time pieces worthy of keeping track of one's time, if one wanted to keep track of time when one might not!
 I find it rather ironic that my plan for retirement day is to throw away my current watch and go watchless, after all I can always check my phone for the time as I'm so technologically up-to-date. THAT'S IF I NEED TO KNOW THE TIME - I'M HOPING I DON'T!! Sorry I didn't take a photo of the old chesnut (yes, I'm just being lazy) but believe you me it has stood up to the challenge of keeping me on time for the past 20 years!!
They don't make watches like mine anymore! If I squint past all the scratches on its face I can see that it's an Armitron Quartz and water proof to 100' which is handy if I ever drive off a cliff into the ocean and need to check the time! All silliness aside (just for a moment) the few times I've forgotten to take it off before showering I WAS relieved to see it still ticking away!

I purchased it at least 20 years ago at the local Bi-way store which closed down at least 15 years ago. Maybe more. I've had to replace the band umpteen times and the battery umpteen more and it even survived the time the lady at Zellers, who was replacing the battery, whacked it on the glass counter making the tiny little hands fall off!  She just wanted to sell me a new watch!! You wouldn't believe the disdainful looks I used to get when I'd need a new battery - I suppose most people would just throw a scratched up cheap old watch in the garbage and buy a new one - but not me!! I'm PROUD of the fact that I'm cheap and had a cheap watch that lasted 20+ years - it's still ticking accurately away as I speak type.
I believe my old dependable watch cost about $15.00 originally so along with new bands and new batteries has averaged me about $1.50 per teaching year. I guess time IS cheap after all!
The other ironic thing about my new clock and new watch is that both are engraved or "enfaced" with the union logo (clock) and school board logo (watch). Who wants to be reminded of work every time they check the time???

Well, I suppose I could say to myself - I wonder what those poor suckers are doing today?!?


  1. Cindy Masterson-RothJune 15, 2014 at 8:57 PM

    The sad thing now a days is trying to find a Jewelers who will change a watch battery. Had a heck of a time getting one for my Mom last Year. I removed my watch a long time ago as well. Enjoy Jane ! you have had a head start on it already.

  2. It is rather funny that they give watches during retiree parties, but the only thing they really want to do is do things without minding time! I know that's about the only thing I want to do when I'm off or on vacation... don't look at a clock!

  3. I would have been mad when the woman smacked the arms off your watch. I would have thought about doing the same to her.
    I can't wait to see what you do in retirement!!!!!

  4. 9 days till you can toss the watch !

  5. I have a fantastic watch I spent close to $100 for a LONG time ago from a Silpada jewelry party. But alas, the leather band has broken and I haven't been able to find a replacement that fits it yet. So I go watchless... and it sits in my bathroom cabinet. I carry my cell phone with me around all the time too, so I don't REALLY need a watch, but it was so pretty...

  6. And the last week begins! Off topic but please tell us you will be able to continue posting from PEI! I'm excited to see what this next stage of your life brings!


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