Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Brace yourselves.....

.....for some late-breaking news!!
This was the scene (of the crime!!) at the Harrison household today!! In the middle of the afternoon!!
But, but... isn't that a newspaper???
On a Tuesday afternoon???
What is happening? Is society crumbling...the rules thrown by the wayside?? What next...a glass of wine at 3pm?? 
Well...ahem...yes, there it is.
Jane's rigid lifestyle is disintegrating - there will no longer be a newspaper only on Saturdays...
NO, I am throwing caution to the wind!! I just read...a TUESDAY newspaper for the first time in YEARS!! ...I tell you - YEARS!!
What on earth will tomorrow bring - ANARCHY??  MAYHEM??  A NAP?? OH THE HORRORS! 
Stay tuned....


  1. You wild Anarchist you.....
    What's next?
    A movie out on a Thursday?
    An afternoon nap on a Wednesday??

  2. You obviously don't have enough to do....

  3. livingrichonthecheapJune 4, 2014 at 10:40 AM

    OMG...she is starting to relax! You need to practice lots before full retirement. Best get at it!

  4. Ha ha - you are just getting yourself ready, you wild lady you!!

  5. 25 days to go...........do your worst!

  6. This is crazy talk. Next thing you'll be using the restroom whenever you like, and having more than a 10 minute "desk lunch". Tomorrow is my last day of this year and then my 5 year countdown begins.

  7. I'm so jealous! I sooo wish I could retire right now! darned medical insurance being so expensive and taxes...you enjoy yourself girl!


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