Tuesday, June 24, 2014


What a great word eh? Discombobulated. I don't know if I spelled it correctly or not because I am IT....that is to say I'm discombobulated. It's a fun word to type too!

So I killed some time today in a thrift shop - finally found a great rain jacket with hood for my trip to the Cotswolds. And a few other things - yoga pants, T-shirts, sports wear tops and a gorgeous ceramic bird feeder for $3. (for PEI, not the Cotswolds!)

Then I had a bit more time so stopped at Chapters, Canada's premiere book store (actually our only book store chain). I browsed the travel section and found a great book called "World's Greatest Walks" or something like that. Due to the generosity of staff and a parent I have a nice sum of $$ to spend at Chapters. I didn't have the gift cards with me today however so I'll make that purchase another day.

At that point it was time to drive to my graduating student Alex's house for dinner at 5pm. Sophia (mom) opened the door with a strange look on her face...yup, you guessed it (or not), dinner is tomorrow night, not tonight....sigh....discombobulated.

She had a great laugh, at my expense, and invited me in for a drink. Bless her. She was still laughing 1/2 an hour later when I left. I'm sure when I go there tomorrow she'll still be laughing!

One more dinner...I can do this...one more dinner...

Otherwise it was a pretty good day. My students, staff and I walked downtown and had breakfast at Billy's Deli, a famous spot in London renowned for their deli meats and their pies! After a yummy and very filling breakfast we walked to the forks of the Thames (London's famous river named after the even more famous London and their river-we Canadians are so UNoriginal) where there was a playground and splash pad. As if that wasn't enough FUN for one day we hopped on a city bus and rode the entire bus route which eventually went by our school.

And then - my LAST MEETING!! As my dep't head read a prayer to begin the meeting she got a bit teary as it's her LAST MEETING too!! Strange how my reaction is more in the line of EUPHORIA!! My eyes were dry! How can you be sad about NO MORE MEETINGS??

So, other than getting my days mixed up it was a good day. Tomorrow is my last day with the students (sniff sniff), then I'm getting my truck in for maintenance and spending some time with Kazi as she leaves for a 5 day concert in the forest event in Michigan and when she gets back I'll be GONE!! She won't see me for 5 months - I wonder if she'll miss me at all?
 Finally, I leave with you a couple pictures of my principal and me at my open house. I just realized I have about 200 photos from that day and haven't really shared any yet. Finally, someone my own size!


  1. livingrichonthecheapJune 24, 2014 at 11:25 PM

    I cannot believe your timer is about to come to and end...wow, the start of your brand new life. Leaving the students will be hardest, but other than that, try not to dance out the door! Have fun

  2. WOW..............1 day and you are free to control your life.
    I am jealous............have a fun summer in PEI.
    Looking forward to any posts , if you can find the time !

  3. I hope you meant 'height' when you mentioned 'size' cause I think 'size' does not compare, Jane Dahling! Now, my cell phone is really dated and reception sucks more than ever so I'm hoping you're able to email me along your route to our place so I know about what time you'll be arriving. But, no matter so long as I know which day cause I'll be here, all excited for your arrival. WOW! It's actually happening!

  4. I remember when you announced that you were going to retire...where has the time gone?!!
    Jane x

  5. Oh, the sweet taste of freedom... :)

  6. Soooo close!! As Jane says, where did the time go? I can imagine you're feeling a bit disoriented, sounds like you're incredibly busy these days. Lots to do and lots to plan for as well.

  7. I can message you on facebook using my phone and I'm able to keep my phone charged in the truck so I should be able to keep you posted on my whereabouts. I'm thinking late Monday night or Tuesday morning depending...I'll know more when I'm on the road and when I leave Barrie blah blah blah

  8. How great to see your countdown into the hours! No days left! I remember when you still had years to go. I so wish we were going to PEI this year, but it's not in the cards for us this time. I look forward to hearing about your adventures though. Please stay in touch!

  9. Hi Jane, you are almost at the end of it all - good on you. I totally get how you feel, i hate prolonged dragged out goodbyes, I would just want to get on with it too.


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