Monday, March 24, 2014

Two Things.....

Ok, tell me if this is just me...I've probably been to the dentist at least 100 times in my lifetime (that's scary isn't it?) but today was the very first time that the hygienist rested her chin on my head when she was working from behind me. (I've never had this hygienist before.)

Is this common ? Unique? Weird? I'm wondering if it was just because she's petite? It's not that her chin was bony and uncomfortable or anything as it wasn't. It was quite soft actually. She just very gently rested her chin on the top of my head - maybe for balance?? I'm grasping at straws here...

Secondly, this note was on the kitchen counter when I came home from the dentist:

Hey - don't get distracted by the lovely beach scene...well OK, go ahead for a minute or two - just lose yourself in the horizon, the sand, the blue sky, the imagined warmth, the pier...I'll wait...

Done? So today was Kazi's first day at her new "adult" job. She had to take last week to address some health concerns, had an ultra sound, bloodwork and so on. She's been having a lot of pain in her "female parts" and her new workplace gave her the week to sort things out which was awfully decent of them. Her reaction to Day 1 of LAUNCH 2014 is not overly enthusiastic but I'll take it! There's a smiley face :) That has to be good...right?

I'm imagining my front door opening up, the pier stretching off into the distance and Kazi with her suitcases doing a little yellow brick road dance off into the sunset. Get thee launched child!! GO!! 

I really do love her you know...

PS - next time I go to the dentist I'll be RETIRED!!


  1. PS - next time I go to the dentist I'll be RETIRED!!
    Now THAT'S a happy thought!
    And add in that Kazi will be launched by then too. 8-)

  2. Nope, never had a hygienist rest her head on my head ... that might creep me out a bit :) ... Retirement here you come!!

  3. The chin thing is weird - that would totally invade my bubble. If I can't retire for 5 more years I at least need those post-it's to dream.

  4. livingrichonthecheaepMarch 24, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    Hm, definitely weird with the hygienist. Never happened to me. I totally understand the need to see young ones go on their way and start paying their way. We go down to child support on one kid only (from 4 a few years ago) in July and I can't wait! It will seem like we are rich lol.

  5. That's a little weird about the dental hygienist. I've never had that before.

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  7. Was the hygienist trying hard to get an angle with the mirror (that's the only reason I can think that she would be behind you) and lost track of where her own head was? Even so, she might have said "sorry about that" and I would have considered it just a mistake, if so.

    Was she from another culture? In some cultures, people think little of invading your personal space and even touching you, whereas we would consider the same actions weird and not acceptable.

    Just a few thoughts. If neither of the above, then... very strange.

  8. I'd say anytime there is a 'smiley' involved it's a good thing! Um, can't say as I have ever experienced a hygentist rest her chin on my head. Seems weird. Unless, of course, you have a really soft head? :)!


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