Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Take 3 Challenge

1. Decluttering

  • I am really starting to see a difference in the amount of STUFF we have around this place (though let's not forget the 7 or 8 tote bins filled with stuff that my neighbour is holding for me.) I haven't missed anything so those will get a good clearing out eventually
  • I tossed a couch cover that I had bought years ago to protect the couch from our cats' claws but now with 1 cat passed away and the other one 20 years old that's no longer an issue. I didn't give it away because it was in rough shape. It did it's job and for that I'm thankful.
  • I will continue to get rid of things and then once this place is sold I'll make the final decision on what furniture to keep and what to donate or sell. 
  • Another area that needs a major cleanout is all of the Christmas decorations collected over the years. I've tried over the past 2-3 years to downsize and I have, just not enough. 
  • Main floor is all painted now - dining room, powder room, hallway and living room. Still have the trim and crown molding to do once my knees recover.
2. Financial

  • No real issues here - I am saving as planned. I did have to pay an electrician $100 to fix an electrical outlet but I can live with that. Hopefully that's my only visit from Murphy this month. 
  • I owe NOTHING on credit cards
3. Personal

  • I have taught Kazi how to use the juicer so now she's made me a couple of concoctions. We are doing well in the area of fruits and veg. 
  • Need to drink more water/less coffee and tea.
  • Had a bit of a binge Friday night. I kept at the living room til it was all painted - finished around 7:30pm and felt like celebrating so I had a party for one! Picked up a bottle of wine, a pizza and a bag of  smarties and watched some Netflix. So today I'm getting back on the wagon and when I finish this post I am making soup to take for lunches this week and then making juice. 
  • My goal was to juice twice a day at least which I've done. I just haven't given up all of the bad stuff. It sure is easy to get off track and tell myself I deserve to indulge since I've worked so hard. So easy to fall back into bad habits.
Ok, that's it, I'm off to make soup. It's very cold outside once again so soup will be welcome.  It's "back to school" tomorrow but only 105 days til retirement. I can do this!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. I've been getting hooked up on juicing too. the kids really love it! I just wish i could do something with all the leftover pulp instead of throwing it away. i really need to start a compost pile...

  2. livingrichonthecheapMarch 16, 2014 at 2:19 PM

    You will never have to cram a bunch of things into Spring Break again - that was the last one and starting in 105 days you can do whatever the heck you want - Yay!

  3. I am watching your retirement countdown like a hawk.
    I can t imagine getting up each am and thinking ...only x more days!
    How exciting for you.
    Good job painting so much of your home over the break.

  4. I seldom buy pizza but I guess your post planted a subliminal message or something! (I can usually read your posts at work but for some reason can't read the responses nor reply) but the other day on the way home for work I WANTED a Pizza Hut meat lovers pizza - and I have to say I was pretty good - found on their carry out menu that they offer the pzza for one or the old 'personal pan pizzas' so I got one of those for $6.50 total (the medium was the next size available and it was more than twice that even though I'd get more than twice the pizza but still...) this was enough for me to eat and share with my dog as well so we were both happy. nice little treat :-)
    I'm still in the ongoing process of decluttering as well - need to empty my parents' house of things I want which means I have to move stuff out of here so I have room for those things...


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