Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BIG Mistake!!

OK, not that big. Just seems like it this morning. I made the mistake of drinking a coffee after dinner last night. My rule is: NO COFFEE AFTER 5PM!! Even though I was extremely tired I tossed and turned for hours...groan...

But I had to drink it you see. BIG NEWS BRACE YOURSELVES!! Kazi has reunited with former beau Steve. I've always had a soft spot for Steve and when Kazi broke up with him last year I invited him in for a long talk. I felt soooooooo bad for him. He was (is) so in love with her. Anyhoo Kazi has realized that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, realized what she had lost (her best friend!) and now they are back together! YAY!  So, to make a long story short Steve brought me a coffee yesterday when he came to visit Kazi. Ergo, drink coffee I must...

I was hard at the reno/redo yesterday but then hit a snag...literally. As I moved the stepladder around the dining room I banged into a loose electrical outlet - big spark - loss of some electricity.


Not only will you have a very handy man around the house but you won't have to pay him $100 to do a 5 minute job. I had actually thought of trying to fix it myself but I'm a little scared of electricity ever since I pushed tweezers into a socket when I was a kid. So that's where an electrician is worth his weight in gold!! They're not scared of poking around in sockets!! You're a fortunate woman Gill!!

After that little delay I finished painting the dining room, except for the trim. The powder room is ready to paint as is the hallway. Next will be prepping the living room and if I'm really lucky I'll get the foyer wallpapered.....but better not count my chickens before they hatch.

Here's a few pics:
Back from the paint store - I had 7 gallons of paint tinted. Lots of white and beige! The young woman who helped me was wonderful carrying the paint to and from my truck. You can see my gorgeous dark bamboo floors.
In order to paint the dining room I moved as much furniture into the living room as I could.
 More paint waiting to be tinted plus 1 gallon of primer sitting by itself waiting to be slopped onto Kazi's coral pink walls :(
 The view from my recliner! Cozy eh?
 The dining room - getting ready to paint.
 Three walls painted...then I had to stop to wait for the electrician - I didn't want to paint the wall that had the damaged socket. You can see one of the gorgeous area rugs I've purchased. Don't worry, it's covered when I'm painting!
 Finished painting! Now in the process of filling the dining room with as much as I can move from the living room. The colour for the dining room is called "Meeting Room" - I really like it. The dining room table is ground zero for tools, spackle, painting supplies etc. And LOOK - wonder of all wonders I had my window and patio doors open all day - it was +4c which felt like about +20c since I'm now acclimatized to -30c!!! The fresh air was simply glorious!
I'm going to relax for a bit with my coffee then pitter patter let's get atter!!


  1. Looking good girlfriend! ;-)
    My only thought is....Just say no to wallpaper! lolz
    And you get a pass on that coffee....you drank it for cause of love. 8-))

  2. See, coffee has no positive effect on me, though I drink it every morning out of habit, and there's no negative effect if I suddenly stop it, which I do every few weeks, again, for no reason. Though back when I was still at my parents', I would drink a cup on Sunday after church and go straight for a nap. Slept like a log! Oooh and aaah, I like the new paint job! That rug is very fancy. Love the plant as well!

  3. Wow, you did this with one cup of coffee? I need to rethink my religion! :)

  4. Now put Kazi and that sweet boyfriend of hers to work and make them paint :)

  5. I married an electrician too! He loves doing things around the house. Enjoying your March Break activities. Take care.

  6. the witch witchisland blogspotMarch 11, 2014 at 4:05 PM

    Your place is really looking good. Funny how new paint makes a place smell fresh and new.
    Good new about Steve and Kazi. Hope her new job is also going along smoothly..

  7. Boy , you know how to have a good time on spring break.
    You are my motivation!

  8. Looks good. Love love love the rug. Oh and the new floors also

  9. livingrichonthecheapMarch 11, 2014 at 10:39 PM

    I love your new rug! You and I have very similar taste - it looks awesome there (yes, I am an 80s chick) and will look great in your new place too - love your choice!

  10. I love your bamboo floors. The paint job looks very nice. You are talented in that area. Good for Kazi and Steve!

  11. nice! I always say I need to marry someone with money and a huge family of handy people - mechanic, dentist, handyman, carpenter, electrician(added to the list!), a/c heat guy...and sisters (or brothers) who love to bake and share!

  12. I'm glad that they are back together and that you like him so much!!!!
    And you are on fire-almost literally- with the painting!!!

  13. It's looking good! Happy for your girl!

  14. The dining room looks fabulous! I am pleased for your daughter too!


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