Monday, March 31, 2014

April Challenge

This challenge is perfect! There are 30 days in April and I've been challenged by a reader, Kim, to bring home 3 items from school each day to help reduce the amount of packing up I'll have to do at the end of June which is the end of my teaching career.

Ok students - put up your hand if you know the answer to this mental math question!!

3 x 30 = __________

Yes, you're right!! That works out to 90 things out of my desk drawers, my office, my filing cabinet, my craft cupboards...oh and I can't forget the picture books that belong to Kazi from when she was a teeny tiny little thing. (some things don't change! She's still teeny tiny...especially when she's standing next to me!)

But I digress...OK, next math question - how many days left in my career?? Look down my sidebar...or I  could just tell you and save time - 90!! Coincidence?? I think not!! So I guess that means I can retire at the end of April instead of June right??....No? Well, I tried.

So I said yesterday I'd post pics of what I've brought home already however some has been packed away or assimilated into the general clutter of the house but I found these things that I brought home last week:
 No teacher could exist without post-it notes in every design, size and colour! I have tons left because I won a draw a couple of years ago at Staples - it was my most thrilling win ever!! And coloured file cards, a To-Do list book from Dollarama - that turned out to be my best organizing strategy of all the various thousands of strategies I tried over the years...a wee tube of super glue just in case the post-its don't stick!

 a pink box that used to hold Kazi's beanie babies long ago...couldn't leave it at school. A handmade wooden cross that I made with my youth group at Sunday school eons ago. It fits perfectly in the palm of my hand - that's a keeper. Oodles of ear phones I've taken in to school over the years but most of my students preferred head sets instead. I'll use them on my many gadgets.
And finally two boxes of All Occasion cards. I had more than the two boxes over the years - they come in handy for...well...all occasions!! My plan is to start sending snail mail again when I retire because the odd time I ever get something - a card, invitation, whatever - in the mail I get so excited! So I may be collecting your addresses soon :)

So my challenge begins officially tomorrow - I wonder what I'll bring home...


  1. I have to laugh about the post it note because everywhere we go we pick them up for nick. Tabs, heart shaped, circles, different colors everything possible. Since he teaches younger special ed, when he has to send something home in a folder he give a blank one to the student and put the parents one in the folder, that way they don't worry that they are in trouble and keeps things from getting tense. Plus they think they are the best in the world. Gotta love the post it note :) And congrats on the 90 days

  2. I have tried so many organizational/calendar/to-do list strategies. This year I was going to try to get high tech and just keep everything on my iPad, but I'm just too visual and need the colorful post-it note reminders. I should buy stock in 3M.

  3. livingrichonthecheapMarch 31, 2014 at 10:22 PM

    All those items are still really useful in your home. That cross is definitely cool and a keeper!

  4. So exciting! What a great challenge, too. Less clutter, less muss, less fuss when the big day arrives :) Staples is one of my favourite stores, too - I'm a stationery nut, although have to admit it's been tempered somewhat by not actually having anywhere to keep pens/pencils/post-its/paper/etc. Good luck and best wishes on the "Final Countdown"!

  5. I'm so excited for you!!!!!!! Homestretch baby!

  6. only 90 more days? a piece of cake....
    So happy for you Jane!!


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