Thursday, April 3, 2014

And the decluttering continues at lightning speed!

Hello my friends! It's  good to see you again. This week has been a little rough so I am glad ecstatic that tomorrow is FRIDAY!! My group of EAs is warring against each other - well that's not completely accurate. There are 3 who feel superior to anyone and everyone and they are bullying the other 3. There has been an EA in tears every day this week, sometimes 2, like yesterday.

It's complete and utter bullshit. There are 3 nasty ones and 3 really and truly hard workers who volunteer, don't watch the clock, don't do a crossword puzzle when they take a student to an integrated class, are helpful, friendly, cheerful and positive. The other 3 take verbal potshots, play games, feed the kids junk food when I'm not around, do as little work as possible and poison the atmosphere. It's beyond belief. And what can I do? Nothing. It's up to the individual EA to speak to the principal or call their union. I can't intervene or who knows I'd end up with another grievance against me like last year. And I'm not going THERE again.

So I'm happy to be at home and talking to you! And keep repeating my mantra - 87days...86 days...

Anyhoo - the April challenge continues - decluttering my work space and bringing home the things I want to keep. Yesterday's selection encompasses 2 days since I haven't posted since Monday. I did bring home more yesterday and will post that tomorrow.

As you can see I am bringing home more than 3 things a day...but then who can wear just 3 shoes? These have been hanging around my office since the snow started up in November (what a craptastically long winter we have had!!) I'm looking forward to wearing shoes everyday from now on! (fingers crossed!) I haven't worn boots now for a few days...I'm such a risk taker!!

I brought home my last box of greeting cards plus many many pads of paper because I am in LOVE with paper, nice clean fresh unsullied paper for lists, ideas, drawings, songs I hear on the radio and want to hunt down on Youtube and a million and one other reasons. I can never have TOO much paper - in fact I get kind of anxious if I'm getting low! In addition, two, yes TWO books on "Hug Therapy" - I forget where I got these but they're filled with different examples of hugs and what they mean. I'll post a page or two sometime. Last but not least a vintage box of poker chips. Kind of an unusual thing to have at school no? There was an activity using poker chips I wanted to make at one time but never got around to it. Maybe I can start having poker parties in PEI? Who knows? I may not keep them but am undecided as of this minute so will let them hang around for a little while. I could probably get rid of them at my upcoming yard sale.

Well, that about wraps up this post. Oh, Kazi finally printed off her tuition slip so I'll be finishing our taxes on the weekend - YAY - I'm getting a refund but not sure exactly how much...somewhere in the vicinity of $1,000 give or take. Oh yes...I've finished DAY FOUR of another juice cleanse. I feel pretty determined to rid myself of what can no longer be referred to fondly as a "muffin top" but more accurately a hideous "spare tire"!! The more days I complete the stronger my resolve to rid myself of my stress-related eating.  I had a headache on Day 2 and a lessor one on Day 3 as my system gets used to NO CAFFEINE!! Today I feel great! No headache, no hunger pangs and I am allowing myself one little glass of wine nightly because I AIN'T PERFECT!! Three pounds down so far. If I am successful I might post a before and after picture - now THAT'S something to look forward to lol!

Ok, now it's really goodbye! Thanks for dropping by :)


  1. Shoes...I remember them!
    Jane x

  2. YOU are doing great getting rid of all of this. My son will be changing schools in June and is dreading packing up his classroom already

  3. You're kicking butt at this. I need to start my decluttering, hopefully next week when I have some actual down time, if I have some downtime. I dont think I could do juice cleanses, so kudos to you for keeping strong at it!

  4. It is so sad that there are people that are around children only to collect a paycheck and don't care about the children. So sad.
    And I have a thing for paper too, oh and baskets. I even have baskets with paper in them. Such joy.

  5. I"ve gotta do the decluttering AND cleaning - my place is overwhelming e and I still haven't brought my parents' stuff down yet..sigh...been working so much but hopefully that will slack a bit after May - the others are helping with it too since 2 others are on the opposite callout and want all the overtime they can get except only one of us 4 don't mind working Sundays - I want my Sunday off if I have it and preferably Sat night so I can enjoy Sunday...
    unfortunately we have people who like to stir the pot at my job - always finding a weak spot and making the person upset then acting like they only want peace and for everyone to get along. vicious poison yet the company does nothing because this is one of their valued employees- one who is happy to do anything and everything in exchange for praise and a title (vs the rest of us who want $$$)
    still used to nights so think I'll try for a nap then tackle some cleaning and reward myself with some quilting/movie/tv show watching...


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