Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Handyman Gene

Michael can do many things. He can whip up a big pot of soup or stew or as he calls it, a medley, from a few scraps and bones. He folds my freshly cleaned clothes better than a high end retail clerk. He can iron and sew and find all the bargains at the grocery store.

But...he didn't get the handyman gene....rats. (Can you tell he was raised only by women?)

I was hoping that with a little help he could install our new hardwood. Wrong. Lots of extra prep needed to be done using materials and tools we've never laid eyes on before. The "guy" did a really great job but that was an extra $550 that I hadn't planned for. Next he'll install our ceramic tiles but said there's a lot of prep needed for that too so I foresee another $500 bill coming my way. We've also booked him for a couple of other "odd" jobs around the house which will also make a dent in my bank account.

Woe is me...

I've noticed recently that MURPHY is visiting some of you - Carla's dishwasher, Sonya Ann's family's cars...at least we can take comfort knowing we're not alone in our misery. Yes, misery loves company.

OK, my whining is over...for now. As Sluggy told Sonya Ann there is a positive flip-side to all of her troubles. I wonder if I can put a positive spin on my own troubles...

...yes, actually, I think I can. In fact, like Carla noted the other day, no matter how bad we might think we have it there are millions who have so much less than we do, so her charitable donations will continue in spite of nipping and tucking her budget due to bill increases.

So...here goes...

  • My floors are magnificent!! I'm trying (not very hard) to imagine the mess we would have been in if we'd tried to do them ourselves. Better to pay extra for a professional job. I probably would have just taken that $550 and blown it on stupid stuff for Christmas. Instead, I'm giving Michael new carpet for Christmas and he's giving me new hardwood. 

  • Magnificent floors will help us to sell this house in the new year. And then the packing will begin in earnest. 

  • I love soup. I love stew. I love Michael's medleys. (No dirty thoughts now!) 

So, on that note I'm going to heat up a bowl of Michael's amazing chicken soup and contemplate how lucky I am to come home every day to a home cooked meal.

Thanks Sluggy! Thanks Carla!

Oh yes, and Michael is REALLY good at starting fires....


  1. So you are saying that Michael is giving you hardwood for Christmas?......ok, I am not exploring that statement any further! hehehehe

  2. We're getting one side of a patio door each for Christmas. And they say romance is dead!
    Jane x

  3. livingrichonthecheapNovember 26, 2013 at 9:21 PM

    My hubby isn't handy either (*I generally can fix it quicker than he can) but I wouldn't trade him for the world as he is a really good man. Any man who can cook is worth his weight in gold!

  4. He is just too cute. Yes we rally are blessed. We think when something breaks down we are so put upon. We live 1000 times better than about 90% of the world.

  5. I love finding the "silver linings" as you did here :) Michael is certainly a multi-talented soul. As I always say, (usually to highlight something I can't do), "You can't be good at everything!" I count my blessings that DH is handy, as I am NOT! Glad your renos are coming along-$550 is actually not too bad a price, really. :)

  6. I'm a Debbie downer. I always see the bad side of things. Hey at least I didn't say Debby does Dallas. Are you going to block me from leaving comments yet? I blame all of the turkey I have had.


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