Sunday, November 17, 2013

Home Alone

 How do I miss thee, let me count the ways...well, holy moly there are just too many ways to count!  Michael has been in the Bahamas since last Wednesday due to the premature death of a younger sister.  He rarely gets to see this side of his family so he's gone for a week to mourn a sister and reconnect with missed family members.
When his mom and dad split Michael was sent to live with an aunt and his younger brother was sent to live with grandparents. Then both his mom and dad married other people and went on to have about six kids each. So he has one full blood brother and 12 half brothers and sisters. His mom's 2nd family live in Canada but his dad's 2nd family stayed in Miami and the Bahamas. Unfortunately neither Michael or his brother Andy were recalled from the aunt's house or the grandparent's house so they didn't get to know their siblings very well.
So they take the opportunity when they can to get together which as we all know often happens because of the death of a family member.
At first I enjoyed having the bed all to myself - I like to really stretch out...for about 5 minutes then it's all about cuddling!! It's been nice to pick my own movies on Netflix but why oh why am I still watching ACTION movies...huh??  It's been great to eat exactly what I want when I want, but HEY, I do that most of the time anyway! And I'm running out of leftovers.....

So Michael, you can head on home anytime now, the sooner the better. I'll even make the bed for you (yes, he's the bed maker around here as well as chief cook and bottle washer!!)  And besides...I can't watch "Breaking Bad" without YOU!


  1. Aaaaah, know how you feel,When Chris left the Navy we vowed not to leave each other again...the longest time apart has been three weeks since then,AND IT"S HORRID!!
    Jane x

  2. Such great pictures!! You are such a cute couple and the love shows in all your pics!

  3. Sorry to hear of MIchael's loss. I try to see the bright side whenever DH has to go away (he travels a fair bit for work sometimes), but in the end, I'm always anxious for him to return. (Probably a good sign!)

  4. He really is perfect! I'm so glad that you two have each other.

  5. witchisland blogspot. caNovember 18, 2013 at 4:34 PM

    So sorry for Michael's loss. Glad he will get to re-connect with relatives.
    It is too bad it takes a death to all get together
    Sounds as if you are very lonely and hopefully your man will return soon.
    Nice pictures of you both.
    Take care and try to enjoy the extra 6 feet in the bed(cowboy Junkies song).

  6. He'll be back on Wed. - I better get my rest!

  7. We're the "odd couple" but it seems to work!

  8. Yes, it's kind of nice at first but I get over that real quick!

  9. Wow - three weeks would be really tough!


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