Monday, November 25, 2013

Stormy Weaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaather

Around here it's all about the recent stormy blizzardy freezing snow squalling icy roads drifting snow and zero visibility. Nothin' else.
 With that said I consider myself fortunate because in east London we received (like it's a gift) about half of what they were blasted with in west London. Go figure.
 Even so, half as much was about 10 times as much as I wanted, which was nothin'.
Once you get past the "oh look honey, isn't it pretty? It's like a winter wonderland...." then you procrastinate about 8 hours til it's getting dark then you put on all the clothing you can find which in this train wreck of a house isn't much, then you take the broom and slog out to your truck, or in this case, my truck and you get to it.
 There's Dougie, under his nice warm blanket of snow, ain't it purty??
 Yup, no little "dusting" of snow just to get us used to it, no, Mother Nature let 'er rip bigtime, with snow forecast every day this week just for fun!
I guess it's a little too much to ask for one more patio day, candles, wine, conversation, bbq....hah!
 Le sigh...well, at least we get to really talk about the weather now...
 and for the next....oh....six months!!!


  1. Yuck, yuck, yuck! As I am typing this, the snow is falling here. I am so hoping it doesn't cancel school tomorrow as I made 35 iced cupcakes for my daughter to take to school to celebrate her birthday early (they have Wed-Friday off for Thanksgiving break) and I do not want all that cake in the house. I don't think we will get that much, but they are talking about 3-5 inches by Wednesday morning. Fun, fun...NOT!

  2. So pretty to look at but you just keep that white stuff up on your side of the border, ya hear?
    I can go another month without seeing anymore of that stuff in person.
    But I do feel for you....especially having to get out there in it in the a.m.....bleh!

  3. Do not send it up here,here me?!
    Jane x

  4. You love me 'cause I'm a whiner?

  5. Your candles are pretty and slightly naughty looking. It's just how I see things I guess.


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