Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day

In memory of my dad, Gordon Douglas Harrison, Leading Seaman in the Combined Operations of Her Majesty's  Royal Navy. 

Born Sept. 6, 1920 - Feb. 6, 2003.

Dad, you'll always be a hero to me. And like you always said: "old sailors never die, they just get a little dinghy!" 

Thanks for being my dad, teaching me how to throw a ball like a boy, dancing with me around the dining room table, crying with me to the soundtrack of The Sound of Music, teaching me an appreciation of gospel and country music, instructing me in the ways of bluebirds, keeping my first car on the road and always being there when I needed a helping hand or a kick in the behind. You provided both with heartfelt love. I will always be your jewel box. 

Soldier on dad, soldier on.


  1. Very nice rendition to your father. I like the photo a lot.

  2. Look at how handsome your father looks! Sounds like he was a wonderful man, Jane! :)

  3. What a wonderful tribute. It sounds like you two had a wonderful relationship.

  4. Hi sis: Went to the Remembrance Service downtown at centotaph today, said my thanks to dad and granddad Catton there..we all have different memories of dad of course and I think of him laughing and saying: "can ou canoe?"..had our first snowfall, it's melted now but it's cold L.Dee p.s. reading a novel on 1st. World War, it's hard to read..

  5. Great tribute to your Dad, Jane, I love it!

  6. What a wonderful tribute to you Dad. My Dad was in the Navy his saying!

  7. Hi Jane,

    great post re dad. i recently found his naval memoirs in a folder and may be able to put something together by Christmas for the fambly. of course, I type slowly... (the above took over 3 min.)

    maybe memoirs by Dec. 2012 : )



  8. oh my, you brought tears to my eyes. What wonderful memories you have of your father!


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