Saturday, November 9, 2013

Muddling along...

Well, at least I'm not dead. 
I'm just in one of those low points right now. It's my own fault. I've been bragging about not remembering the last time I had a cold. Well, now I will be able to remember! We've had a lot of sick kids at school this past week - they should have stayed home, but I'm sick and other staff are sick too. I stayed home from school on Friday and took Oil of Oregano and Vitamin C every hour or so. It didn't stop the cold dead in its tracks but as colds go I've had way worse. I must count my blessings I suppose...

 Speaking of blessings...
On the home front the new carpet has been installed and I'm very happy with it. It's nice and bland, a few shades of beige mixed together. I remember one of my sisters getting their house painted in preparation for selling. The shade of paint was called "Forever Beige"!! That's the look we're going for too - Forever Beige - as far as the eye can see! Blechh! But we are told neutral is best when trying to sell.
The next stage of the process is to move all furniture from the main floor upstairs or outside so that the ceramic tile and bamboo hardwood can be installed. That will be taking place next week. I hope. Michael says it'll be done on Monday but it seems to me like too big of a job for one day. But I suppose with enough help from our friends it can be done. I was thinking about taking another sick day on Monday but I have a feeling I'd be better off at school!
 There isn't much furniture upstairs at the moment. Just a chair, dresser, shelf and ironing board in one room and my daughter's bed, dresser, storage bins and yoga mat in her room. She's enjoying all the space, however, it's soon to get filled up.

I'm sitting in my little study right now - along with me and my chair this room contains a huge tire from the back of my truck, a drop-leaf table, a large book shelf, a small china cabinet, my doll stroller from a million years ago, a printer on its own shelf, an old secretary desk, a humidor which I use as a little side table for my chair, a straight back chair, a footstool and a 4 drawer wicker filing cabinet. Oh, and a few boxes of stuff. There's just enough room to walk through the muddle to get to my chair. 

Hoo boy! It's like an episode of Hoarders!!

It's also become the repository for all of our winter hats, scarves and gloves as well as a big box of boots. Oh well, it will all come together eventually! 



  1. Aww... hope you feel better soon, Jane!! Keep up with the Vit.C & Oil of Oregano... it should at least lessen the severity and get you healthy sooner than later!! Hugs!!

  2. Some days, muddling along is doing pretty well. I like your blog. I discovered it 2-3 weeks ago and as is my habit, read a lot of posts, moving backwards through your life. Enjoyed it thoroughly and glad to see a new one.

  3. See you can never say you have not been sick as the Sick Fairy comes and strikes you down. Get better and remember that moving is a process and sometimes it is a slow process.


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