Thursday, November 28, 2013


I thought this picture was perfect - turkey AND football...what could say American Thanksgiving better than that?

We do have football here in Canada too, but do not revere it to the same extent I don't think. It just so happens though that the highschool I teach at IS a football school and takes great pride in its long football history. Just last Saturday, amid the snow squalls, our senior team blasted the other top city school's team 30-17 taking #1 spot in the city of London.  Today, amid more snow squalls, they played in another championship game but sadly well, there's always next year!
Here's their photo from last Saturday's game - note the snow they're laying on - such tough guys!

That was the same night I was riding the "party bus" or else I would have been there in the stands, freezing to death and cheering them on...well, not likely no, but I would have been there "in spirit"... I would. Hey, I did check my phone once or twice for updates!!!

So, enough about football...(I really prefer hockey)...I hope all of my American friends have a really great holiday weekend with your loved ones and if that includes watching football, so be it. As long as there is also some pie thrown in for good measure. Put your feet up, pat your tummy and smile like a cheshire cat because YOU (most of you) DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK TOMORROW and I do :(

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Rachel Davis said...

Yes our Thanksgiving day meant watching football! Hubby would be lost if we didn't put some football on. LOL We did have a lovely day...and today I am home with the kiddos while Hubby is at work, because he does have to work today. Have a great day!