Saturday, November 23, 2013

Miles to Cycle Before I Sleep

 In case you haven't noticed I am addicted to cycling. Every day that it is too cold to go for a bike ride is a wasted day to me. Today we are having snow squalls off and on all day - it's a lot more wintery than it should be on Nov. 23rd! My heart felt a pang as I realized how far off spring is, and along with spring - cycling.
These pictures show one route I rode a few times over the summer in PEI. I can't remember how many kilometers it was but it took me 50 minutes in each direction.  It brought me to my favorite beach on the west side of the island.

I rode from somewhere in between Elmsdale and Alberton to Campbellton. (Upper left hand corner of the map)
 A nice, peaceful spot to be laid to rest if you're so inclined...I'd rather rest on the front steps of the church however!
 I would drink a bottle of water and eat a snack before mounting my trusty steed and heading for home. A few times I packed a large beach towel and a book and relaxed on the beach for a while.
 My trusty steed :)
Sadly I am now reduced to cycling in the basement. A reader suggested I track my distance and so I have set up a list in my sidebar. My goal is 12km 5 times per week. So far I have cycled 12km 3 times so far this week and 20km today - hopefully I can add to that tomorrow. With more snow squalls in the forecast I don't think I'll be out hiking so that should be accomplishable (new word).

Tonight it is a friend's 50th birthday. We are headed out on a mystery tour involving a limo and comfy clothes?? I'll let you know tomorrow what happens!!

Hope you are snug and warm wherever you are today - it seems winter has arrived!


Kim said...

Good for you, Jane! Ah, the summer scenery. So far away, wahhh!

Michelle said...

We had our first snowfall today. A light dusting of white and then all melted. It's been very windy and glad to see stars in the night sky. So far, we've been very lucky with a lack of white stuff. I can wait for that. It is cold out, though. Old houses and wind... brrrr!

Jharrison56 said...

We have a TON of snow - we are right in the middle of bands of snow squalls coming off Lake Huron. It hasn't stopped snowing for the last 24 hours!

Jharrison56 said...

I know, I'm whining too :(

Michelle said...

Major suckage! If I recall correctly, you dodge a winter bullet last year, didn't you? We did, too. Till spring rolled around. It's really cold and windy today. It cuts right through this old house. Time to put on my fuzzy red vintage housecoat. It's amazingly warm.

Michelle said...

Can you see me now?