Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend at the Trailer in Bayfield

So much is growing at my trailer in Bayfield, like my golden spirea.
We've visited a couple of times to rake and clean up but this is the first weekend we could stay overnight. We can turn the electricity on ourselves but have to wait for the water to be turned on. Most trailers, like mine, only have uninsulated plastic pipes for the bathroom and kitchen so in the fall we have to get our trailers winterized with the water drained and antifreeze added. But on Saturday someone came by and turned on our water for us so we are now in business until the end of October!

I think this is my pink azalea bush.
Over the years I have planted a lot of flowering bushes, a tree or two and some perennials. I don't have the room to do much at my condo so it just revives me so much to go to the trailer and watch my plants grow. A week goes by between my visits so there is always so much to see. As soon as I arrive at the trailer I "survey my land" before entering the trailer and setting up. It fills up my well!
This is my climbing hydrangea - I just planted it last year and I can't believe how much it has grown - I just love it. I'm hoping it will eventually grow and hang over top of my rustic little shed. A piece will be taken to PEI this summer!

Sweet woodruff - I will dig some of this hardy plant up and take it
to PEI. It has sweet little white flowers and is pretty durable and spreads nicely to fill up those empty spaces.

This is my healthy looking lilac tree. This is its third summer and I really hope it blooms this year. It gets lots of healthy glossy green leaves but no blossoms. I'm starting to get a complex.

By the end of Saturday the sun was struggling through increasingly overcast skies. What, more rain?? Yes, it did rain a little while I was sleeping as I woke up to a few puddles. Usually I hear the rain as it hits the tin roof pretty loudly but I slept right though it. Too bad for me as I really love listening to the rain, especially the thunder storms! Nothing I enjoy better than being all tucked up cozy inside the trailer with a good book and an afghan, a cup of tea (or glass of wine) while the wind howls, the lightning flashes, the thunder booms and the rain pounds down on the roof. I have a huge front porch that I can sit on during rainstorms too and still be protected.

Every visit to the trailer means a trip to the lookout point to capture the sunset. This is my first of the season and it wasn't that great due to the clouds moving in.  Weather rolls in quickly across Lake Huron and it can blow up a storm REALLY fast - I have been caught in a few downpours.
Hello to my friends on the other side of the lake!!

No night is complete without a single malt by the firepit! I kept this fire going from about 3 or 4 in the afternoon til about midnight! I read until I couldn't see the print of the newspaper any longer, then I just gazed into the flames and thought about how sweet it is to have a place where I can unwind, only an hour from the city but it feels like I'm an ocean away from the noise, the traffic and the pollution.

I came across these white flowers growing close to the ground on my Sunday walk, not sure what they are.

There is a ton of driftwood and whole tree trunks all over the beach right now, flotsam from the spring thaw. By summer's end most will have disappeared, burned up in bonfire's all over the beach. For now they make interesting sculptures or a great place to sit or recline with a book.

Lake Huron is pretty rocky. There are inviting sandy beaches but you need water shoes on when you go into the water. Once you're out a ways it gets sandy again but many a stubbed toe is saved by wearing shoes.

In the middle of the sand, something is green and thriving.

Lots of logs around help to get me across the many little rivers of spring melt and rain that have sprung up here and there.
Sunday continued to be rainy and overcast so I snuggled in my bed and
watched a couple of DVDs on my laptop before once more heading
back into the city.
Until next time............


The Borrower said...

Looks like paradise to me.

Mark said...

All very lovely.
Your Friend, m.

Johanna said...

I LOVE the picture of the sunset. Soft pinks and blues so very beautiful.
For your Lilac is it in a shady area? I have several Lilacs here and one is very shaded and has never flowered. The other 3 are out in full sun and have flowered every year since I planted them 3 or 4 years ago.

Sarah and Jenny @Digging Out of Debt said...

I am green with envy! Spectacular photos!


Marguerite said...

The first time I saw one of the great lakes I was amazed at how much it looked like the ocean to me as it's just so impossibly huge. Looking at your beach, again I'm reminded of the ocean with trees washing ashore.

Sharon said...

So, Jane, you have three residences??? How cool is that!! The pictures are wonderful, I'm really wishing I'm living your life about now....(except for the rain and thunderstorms...I hate them!) :)!

SonyaAnn said...

Wow its beautiful there and you really have an eye for photography!
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful part of your life.

Anonymous said...

I posted but went to login so I was 'anonymous' and it lost my post! arghh!

My mom loved to plant stuff and her favorite to try was dogwood and yep they bloomed after they moved or sold the property seems like! she would walk around and say the names of stuff and sometimes a story of where she saw it or remembered it from..wish I could remember them all. weird how she really didn't plant much after they sold the lake lot - and nope never really enjoyed it - there was a crappy house on it that would've sufficed with a window a/c but my dad wanted to make it a building project and it was a sore spot - 3rd graders and 6th graders through college don't want to spend every weekend slaving on a house! but weird now that my brother and I are older we told him once we kinda wished they had it 'cause now we'd like to work on it! and we weren't together when we said it - but it was within the same year or 2!

wish I had somewhere nice close by and reasonable - houston keeps spreading out so it takes longer and longer to get 'out of the city'!


Lindy Mint said...

Breathtaking. All of it. May I envy you? I love all of those flowering plants with their buds just waiting to come through. It all seems so hopeful.

Anonymous said...

oh my ... the bliss!

I'd be there every weekend!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

What a lovely getaway! I love sweet woodruff, too, and have some in my back yard among the ferns and hostas and bleeding hearts. I love the title of your blog.... I used to think I had to put all my energy into my work and would begin to live after retirement. Fortunately, I finally learned about living in the moment. Cheers.

Jane said...

Welcome B-O G, if I may call you that:) Re my blog title: It was originally called "Life Begins at Retirement" but then life started happening before I retired (funny how that happens) and I decided I couldn't just sit back and wait for retirement. Trying to live it up a bit everyday:)
Thanks for visiting!