Monday, May 9, 2011

Fairyland and Other Cool Places

Breakfast was excellent yesterday! I decided to really live it up and had steak and eggs, oooh how reckless - haven't had that in years! (It wasn't me paying so I threw caution to the wind!) But there was a method to my madness too because Michael and I had planned a 25km bike ride so thought I'd load up on protein;) (Pretty good excuse huh?)

Many thanks to Little Lamb who told me about I was able to plot out a cycling route that was a 25km round trip and had us biking out in the country on the east side of Fanshawe Lake. Let me tell you that even with a gel seat I have a few tender places today! 

After we got home Michael threw himself into making dinner while my DD went and got us a case of chilled beverages - I really got the full treatment yesterday! Michael's son, Dane, was in town too so we had a great family dinner - BBQ'd chicken, steak, shrimp and tilapia, broccoli, asparagus, rice and for dessert - DAIRY QUEEN!! 

Here are a few photos from yesterday's bike ride:

Evergreens vs Dandelions - Who will win?
On Rebecca Rd.

Getting close to Fairyland

Here it is - Fairyland!

Exploring Fairyland

Fields and fields of trilliums

Such delicate beauty

Even Jack stopped by to welcome me!

Part of the bike path we accidentally found that meanders
around all of Lake Fanshawe, can't wait to explore it further.

Paused here for a bit, ate my grapes and enjoyed the calm and peaceful surroundings.

Looking for trolls

Can't help it - I'm a sucker for flowers!

There's something about the unfolding of petals that touches my soul.

Jack standing at attention!

Hope you had a magical weekend!


Johanna said...

Lovely!!! It's so much fun to be outside these days.

Suzy said...


Kim said...

What a great place to cycle.

I'm sure that 25 km burned off the steak and eggs, lol. You HAD to indulge, after all, it was your day!

Niki said...

Oh so pretty.
I have been loving the outdoors lately, but my allergies just started to flare so I have been sent indoors.
Darn allergies.

Mark said...

Love those photos!
Your Friend, m.
p.s. I'm changing my name to Dane.

B-Kat said...

Oooh how lovely! I bet it smelled fresh and green.

I love the flower pictures!

Marguerite said...

Sounds like a fantastic day. There's nothing I like better than a wonderful meal at the end of a long physical day. there's something so satisfying about expending so much energy and then lounging around with copious amounts of food and drink.

babybluewater said...

Gosh, your pictures are breathtaking!