Friday, May 20, 2011

Just in Case...

 Just in case the world ends tomorrow while I'm at a wedding in Georgetown I thought I'd better post some pictures from a midweek hike Michael and I took. Otherwise you might never get to see them and I know how much you ALL love my nature shots.  In fact, if you get really stressed out about the end of the world you could calm yourself by scrolling slowly through the photos while chanting "I just want to live"...."I just want to live"...
Once again we were out by Fanshawe Lake - everything is so green (gee, maybe it's all the rain we've been having...)
 Flowers are everywhere, bursting forth to create vibrant jolts of colour...
 I've never seen so many trilliums...perhaps it's because of all the rain...ya think?
 Here's a gnarly old lady with fungus for feet - reminds me of a gym teacher I once had - I'm not even kidding! She was the worst! She had been frenemies with my oldest sister and took it out on me. One time she made me take off my pinkie ring, engraved and given to me by my best friend, because I was playing volleyball...then when I asked to have it back she said she couldn't find it...I don't think she even looked! Miserable old spinster!!
Alright, breathing deeply now....this one makes me thing of a Chinese watercolour, ahhhhhh, that's better, feeling calmer....  I leaned way out over the edge of a cliff to get this shot - can you see the ripples of the lake water behind it?  No?  Look harder ...
 Isn't this one precious? 
 This one is called "Living on the Edge, Part 1". This tree still has a couple of roots holding it onto firm ground, but I don't know for how much longer. And yes, he was scared like a little girl!
 Just kidding honey! This is me "Living on the Edge, Part II", looking far into the future, envisioning a time when we have two days in a row without rain...
 Puddles are joining together to form ponds which are great for reflection photos...

like this one...and maybe for ducks, fish and ...arks! Oh, horrors!!!
Oops!! How did this one get in here?  Oh well, if you're looking at this on Saturday this could be the last thing you see before the world en-----------ds----------------oh no!!!


  1. HA! Great post, Jane. You know.... I did some research on the origins of this 'prophecy'. Yea... they have a website... ebible fellowship so some such thing and it took me a while to get the name of the founder/leader/pastor but I finally did find the name Harold Camping. This guy's been down this road before and I think he falls under the category of 'false prophet'. See ya on Sunday!

    I just have to add that anyone who knows scripture reasonably well will know that it says in the Bible (and I quote) "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. (Mark 13:32)

    You can rest easy now.

  2. It's smart to say goodbye, before the Rapture.

    I love the watercolor photo so pretty.

    Hope to hear from you on Sunday.

  3. The end of the world can't be on Saturday cuz I ain't paid off all me debts yet!!

    I'll be waiting for your post on sunday. ;)

  4. It's about time you got some spring up there! We're in full summer foliage mode here now. A while back I was looking at the green-less trees on your blog while ours were busting out all over in green buds. Well, my southern relatives were talking about cherry blossoms while we were shivering in extra blankets here, so that's the way it goes, huh?

    Are you guys getting a modeling portfolio together, or what? I swear that I'm going to open up a Lands End catalog and see you two hand-in-hand traipsing across the countryside. Seriously, though - why don't both of you think of bringing in some money that way? I think you'd get hired - really, I do!

  5. Love your pictures! Looks like the Bible was right and the world hasn't ended yet :) Have a fabulous weekend!


  6. nice! I love the nature pictures. That one that looks like the chinese watercolor and the one under it would look great put on canvas and hanging on my wall...have GOT to do something about this boring depressing house!


  7. He has a very nice end! LOL!!
    Thank you so much for sharing pieces of your life.
    Have a great weekend if we live.

  8. Jane,
    Funny!! With beautiful pictures.
    If the world does end tomorrow, it has been great to get to know you and Micheal.
    Enjoy the wedding, I love weddings.
    Can't wait to see your post on Sunday!

  9. Both of you in shorts ???? your weather must really be hotting up.

    Sunday here in Oz and we are still around " False Prophets " !!!

  10. As I'm reading this Sunday morning I'll guess that the world did not end last night. oh yippee, that means I still have bills to pay, and here I was putting off those property taxes. Looks like you've been having some lovely weather. We actually got a day of 22 degrees here this week! can you believe it? naturally the temperature has gone down considerably since but it was fun while it lasted.


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