Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Falling off the Wagon

This week is all about getting back up onto the wagon.  The wagons of "exercise" and "no spending".  I was doing so well there for a few months and so I got cocky and sat on the edge of the wagon.  "I've got everything under control" I said to myself, "I can handle dangling my feet off the back of the wagon...I can see better back here"...

And then the wagon hit a few bumps and I fell off.....

Mind you I enjoyed the bumps just like a kid would...but now the adult in me says "you've had your fun, get back up on the wagon!! You can't spend all of your time being lazy and loose with your money or you won't meet your goals!"

"Remember your goals?" a little voice said to me.  "You know, the ones where you were going to bike all of the way to PEI by the end of June? And pay off $20,000 on your Line of Credit by September?  Are you just going to forget about those goals and let down the team?"

So here I am.  The wagon kindly pulled a U-turn so I could climb back on.  Nobody gave me the evil eye, in fact a few others moved over so I could sit far away from the edge. They told me that they too had fallen off the wagon before, sometimes more than once. 

"It's getting back on that's welcome back!"


  1. And you wont get " The evil eye " from me either. I know you have goals, hopes and dreams, so I,m going to give you a leg up, back onto that wagon just in case the step is too high.
    I have every faith in you.

  2. Glad to have you back on the wagon. Now, would you kindly pull me back on it too.
    Gotta keep my goals in mind.

  3. Would you all be so kind as to reach down and pull me back up on the wagon too please?

    I have got to get a handle on everything financial, or else we're going to be in big trouble.

  4. We all fall off sometimes Jane, the important thing is getting back on! Good luck :)

  5. Damn wagon!
    I know you will getting everything going in the right direction again. I need to get on the diet wagon, I'm just too fat to catch it.

  6. Love the analogy...and if you don't mind, if there is any more room, please let me on too!

  7. Your last line said it! As long as you get back on, you're golden.

  8. Glad you are back on! We appreciate your honesty. Sure, it may have been fun for a little bit, but now it's back to business. We're here to support you :)


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